Are you suffering from Sick Building Syndrome?


Air pollution has become a serious public health issue. In the last few generations, we have made major efforts to reduce the amount of outdoor air pollution. Nevertheless, air pollution isn’t just an issue outside — the air we breathe indoors can be just as harmful to our health as the smoke emitted by a factory. In fact, indoor air pollution can be detrimental to our health that it can cause illnesses — especially in industrial facilities where harmful materials may be lingering in the air.

This health hazard is called “Sick Building Syndrome,” which can cause illnesses for all family members at home and lost of productivity for businesses. Understanding the causes of sick building syndrome as well as how to prevent it is crucial for any industrial or commercial facility owner. Facility owners may be taking steps to curb air pollution outside their facilities, but they may not be aware of the pollution lurking within their four walls.

There are numerous reasons why a building facility may be affected by sick building syndrome. However, there are some steps facility owners can take to improve the air quality inside those buildings and protect the people who work in them. For example, one of the simplest ways to prevent sick building syndrome is to improve the air flow throughout the building with the installation of large fans. Using cleansers that have lower amounts of volatile organic compounds is another method to improve indoor air quality. Air pollution is a serious health issue, inside as well as outside, so make sure you are doing your best to prevent it. The following guide lays out what sick building syndrome is as well as some tips for preventing it –



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