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Shop plastic-free ethically sourced organic grocery natural personal care, home care & sustainable products. Ecoindian, a Zero waste online shopping initiative in India.

In 2019, Ecozara has launched Ecoindian as a sustainable plastic-free initiative currently operates a Zero-waste retail outlet in Chennai, online store & sustainable product brand. Ecoindian store retails organic & natural foods & sustainable lifestyle products. At Ecoindian, We reduce food-waste & plastic landfills by providing package-free healthy food & sustainable products to consumers. Create a positive impact on our environment. We ensure our suppliers follow eco-friendly packaging while supplying products to us.
We source from Local artisans, Organic farmers, self-help group & non-mass producing brands. We understand our supplier's production process & practices. Our customers will be informed about the source of our supplies & give credit to the supplier with minimalistic branding. Ecoindian is a humble entity focused on bringing our organic farmers, artisans, self-help groups who produce native eco-friendly products with its exclusive marketplace in India. And we are one of the best and top organic grocery store in Chennai India.
We currently have launched an exclusive organic e-commerce site and stores in Chennai. We are also developing brands & marketing campaigns for creating a better opportunity for the farmers & artisans to market their produce.

19, Dr.Ranga Road,Mylapore, Tamil Nadu, India 600004

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