Startup Saturday focuses on how to Validate Your Startup Idea


Headstart Network Foundation is organizing its monthly event ‘ Startup Saturday ’ on 14 January 2017 in Bengaluru. Typically, all startup enthusiasts begin their journey with a lot of excitement about their idea. However, as they implement these ideas, various doubts creep in. So, it is better for them to get their idea validated by the market.

  • There are various frameworks and models that can help in validating an idea, but which one to choose?
  • When can you claim to have a validated idea?
  • When everyone you know says it’s a great idea, should you quit your job to work on it full time?
  • Your idea already exists, does that mean you should startup right away?

Entrepreneurs need to know what a successful idea validation looks like, which widely differs based on industry sectors, target users, and even the region where it is launched. Headstart’s January 2017 edition of Startup Saturday Bangalore focuses on the theme, “Validating Your Startup Idea”, where startup enthusiasts can learn from experienced entrepreneurs who have validated their ideas.

Headstart Network Foundation is a nationwide network of volunteers that helps startups and enthusiasts with knowledge and networking. It organizes various initiatives that enable startups at different points of their lifecycle such as idea pitching to investors, getting mentored by experts, hiring workers and finding co-founders.

Participants are invited to showcase their product or service at this event or just observe the proceedings by registering on Meetup

Date: 10 January 2017 | Source: Eventshigh

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