Must Have Mountain Biking Gear For A Rookie


Mountain biking is an exhilarating adventure sport that frees up not only our body but also our mind. There is nothing as amazing as setting out on a journey into the unknown, taking in the enchanting scenery of the green countryside, all the while getting some good workout.

Mountain biking is often done off-roads, over hilly terrains and steep hills; hence a good bike is of the uttermost importance. Adventure lovers engage in mountain biking across offbeat travel locations for a number of reasons such as:

●  Full body workout
●  Release stress and improves one’s mood
●  Get better sleep
●  Improved heart rate
●  Improved brainpower
●  Improved mind-body balance and coordination
●  Decrease risks of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart problems
●  Enjoying nature and socializing with other bikers

Mountain terrain bikes are known as MTBs are similar to other regular bikes and cycles with some special features incorporated in them. For a mountain bike, features such as wide knobby tires, straight handlebars, powerful brakes and lower gears are inbuilt into them to enhance their performance and durability. These features make maneuvering the rugged trails much easier, safer and adventurous for the biker.

Essential Gears For Mountain Biking

For a successful trip, it is important that a biker makes necessary arrangements and equip oneself with the right gears. Here is a basic list of mountain biking gear that you must have:

MTB Shoes

Choosing the right shoe for mountain biking is as paramount as picking up a top-quality MTB. Shoes are the pivot of the entire mountain biking gear exercise; hence serious thought should be put into your shoe selection. A good MTB shoe plays a vital role in delivering the right power to the pedals, which in turn propels the bike forward. A good shoe will ensure that your feet are protected, comfortable and can give their best when it comes to cycling.

MTB shoes can be classified into two categories: flat pedal shoes or clipless shoes. Flat pedal shoes have thinner soles made of sticky rubber and the clipless shoes are stiffer with bolt-like holes. The choice between the two categories lies in a biker’s personal preference.


Mountain biking entails jumping over hills and sliding along slopes with so much adrenaline involved. This can take a toll on your hands due to the constant friction between the fingers and the handlebar. Good gloves should fit your hands perfectly, are light and well ventilated. Gloves can either be full finger gloves or those that open halfway. Although the choice between the two is a personal preference, full-finger gloves are recommended since they protect your fingers and tighten your grip.


Eyewear is important to not only block the eyes from the sun but to also protect them from low lying tree branches or flying insects that you come across in the countryside. The chosen glasses should be clear with an impeccable vision for the biker to ride smoothly and anticipate possible problems ahead.

Repair Tool Kit

The wilderness is untamed and brings with it all sorts of surprises. A good biker should think two steps ahead and be well equipped with an up-to-date tool kit. Spare tubes, a patch kit and a hand pump are a must for the tool kit. Tire burst is a common thing to happen due to thorns and fallen branches along the trail. A hand pump and a patch kit are also essential to repair the busted tire. Pliers and screwdrivers should be in the toolbox for minor repairs and tightening along the way.

First Aid Kit

Now that the MTB is well taken care of, it is time to focus on the rider. A biker might hit a tree, slid over the slope or have a head-on collision with other bikers. A well-equipped first aid box should first of all be waterproof and be filled with the following items:

● Antiseptic wipes

● Bandages

● Plasters

● Safety pins

● Gloves

● Tweezers

● Sterile gauze pads

● Thermometer

● Flashlights

● Adhesive tapes

● Mouthpiece for CPR

● Scissors

● Painkillers


We hope this list of mountain biking gear is exhaustive enough to get out in the countryside!

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