Must Have Items for Safe Outdoor Camping Activities in India


Outdoor adventure, the word arouses a rush of adrenaline among offbeat travelers who are stuck in urban concrete jungles. The moment the monsoon season ends, wildlife watchers and mountain trekkers arouse out of their slumber pick up their camping gear and head outdoors. In such nature trails, many of them prefer to stay in camps and cottages rather formal well-equipped lodges.

Camping is perhaps one of the best outdoor activities especially if you’re living closer to the wilderness in India. Spending a night or two on a place where you can hear nothing, but the sound of whistling winds and birds can be thrilling indeed. In fact, it’s the best thing to do once in a while if you suddenly felt so tired with all of the hours you put in your work or school every day.

Must Have Items for Safe Outdoor Camping Activities in India

However, outdoor camping is something that must never be taken for granted. Don’t forget that you will be plunging on a place that you’ve probably never visited before. If it’s your first time having a camping trip in India, it is highly recommended to set your campsite near dhabas or night restaurants. This way you can ensure that you have a little more security as opposed to camping somewhere completely secluded from civilization.

India is a place with incredibly beautiful landscapes that are quite suitable for trekking and biking, but you must educate yourself about the risks. When entering some faraway places, make sure that you do your research about them first as they could contain some protected forests where camping around is prohibited.

Aside from planning prior to the camping trip, another thing that you should consider is the list of basic essentials that you must have. Bringing the right items will be pretty handy for camping trips because anything could happen during the activity. When ensuring your safety, preparedness is always the key. If you want to know the list of things that you must bring on a camping trip with you, take a look at this infographic by d.light

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