Eco-conscious events that build environmental awareness in India


Author – Rhea Gadiyar

Cultural events happen all across the country throughout the year, be it musical events like the NH7 Weekender, Hornbill Festival in Nagaland or pet-friendly events like PetFed Mumbai. However, these events tend to cause severe damage at their venues due to improper disposal of garbage or the use of non-eco-friendly materials.

So it is a breath of fresh air to read about some cultural events that go overboard to be clean and maintain the balance with mother nature. Events that are more environmentally-conscious are helping to give back to the community by following simple guidelines on environmental conservation. We have created a list of upcoming eco-conscious events in India that will help bring out the green side among each one of us.

Echoes of Earth Music Festival

Echoes of Earth is considered the greenest music festival in India is returning this December to Bengaluru for another weekend of fun, music, art and culture. Held in the woods of Embassy International Riding School, this music festival aims to take its audience back into the wilderness of nature and show people how to have a good time responsibly. The event typically has a vast line-up of 30-40 renowned Indian and International artists, who perform on 5-6 different stages.

Echoes of Earth calls upon the youth who wants to do their part for the environment to have a good time with dazzling art installations and soul-stirring music. Nearly 80% of the stage set-up for the festival and various other art installations are created using recycled or repurposed material. The organizers have a strict policy to prohibit all use of flex banners or plastic package and other harmful materials. The venue is kept clean at all times with all garbage getting properly segregated before safe disposal. The waste that can be recycled is kept separately. Various workshops organized at the venue all over the festival to teach its participants on ways to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The Oasis Festival by Vajor

The Oasis Festival by Vajor is a one of a kind two-day festival being held in New-Delhi this 7-8th of December, which claims to be an ‘exotic amalgamation of art, music, mindful fashion, home décor, collaborations, cultures and cuisines’. The festival consists of different workshops and music events mixed with shopping and art. It calls out to all the ‘conscious modern bohemians’ to come together to enjoy two days full of music from some of their favorite Indie home bands and learn from various workshops that cater to the teachings of living a more clutter-free and green life.

The Oasis Festival will host a few workshops to educate people about the benefits of upcycling and mindful eating while others will help people get in touch with rare forms of art like resin art and pottery. Amongst the music and the workshops will also be different talks on topics like mindful travel and detox fashion that will help reduce from our lives the unnecessary resources being used by us. The Oasis attendees harbor a feeling of community and love for nature and others around them.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival is a nine-day long affair in Mumbai where various artists get to show their work through various exhibits, installations, demonstrations and stalls. Every winter, the festival brings together artists from all over with a platform to show their talents in the form of theatre, art, music, writing etc. Art and sculpture installations usually depict contemporary social issues and are a form of expression of the artist’s message about their pet cause.

Along with these, the Kala Ghoda Art Festival also hosts various heritage walks to preserve and spread awareness about various places in Fort, Mumbai. The stalls are hosted by various people selling eco-friendly products which include handi-craft and other handmade products. People from all over the country come to visit what can only be described as a festival full of narratives of people speaking their hearts out. It is a festival full of color that leaves the attendee thoughtful about the consequences of our actions on the environment and society. The entry to the festival is free and no prior booking of tickets is needed.

The Hornbill Festival

Nagaland is known as the land of tribal festivals where each festival is celebrated with renewed fervor and gusto. Nearly 60% of Nagaland’s economy depends on agriculture as its main income, so most of the state’s festivals revolve around the agricultural theme. In order to celebrate the inter-tribal interaction, the government of Nagaland organizes the Hornbill Festival every year during the first week of December.

The Hornbill Festival takes place in Kisama, 12 kilometers from Kohima in Nagaland. It is a dazzling display of a wide variety of cultures under one roof. It is an attempt at preserving the different cultures and traditions of Nagaland while showcasing their extravagance and beauty. For visitors, it is a chance to understand and get a closer look at the culture of people living in Nagaland while enjoying their food, music, dance and customs. The festival gives a platform to local people to display their traditional art and craft to people from all over the world.

Prakruti Bhavan’s Nature Festival

Prakruti Bhavan’s Nature Festival is another eco-conscious event for nature lovers to come together and connect over the various ways in which they can cause a change. It is a three-day annual festival held in January that helps in the interaction and exchange of ideas between nature enthusiasts from all over Mumbai. Every year the organizers bring together a wide variety of shows, workshops, demonstrations, adventure, art, culture, travel, literature, dances, plays, etc that relate to nature and environment.

Prakruti Bhavan’s Nature Festival is also known as India’s first nature festival, which has gathered a following of over 122,000 people over the last eight years. This festival provides people with a platform to bring forth environmentally beneficial lifestyles, technologies and science projects for the betterment of humanity and the planet. The festival also hosts music performances at night and has various stalls of eco-friendly products, handicrafts and NGO services at the vivid green campus of Bhavan’s Nature & Adventure Centre in Andheri.

India Environment Festival

India Environment Festival is a community-dedicated multi-disciplinary annual festival that happens every year in Ahmedabad in winter. This three-day long festivity celebrates earth through a seamless blend of environmental themes with art, craft, music, design, literature, interactive media, education, science and technology done by its environment-passionate team.

World Around You, an environmental organization based in Ahmedabad, organizes this event in close collaboration with local, national and international partners from across the public, private and social sectors. The selection of festival theme, activities, venue décor and the presence of eco-friendly products reflects a sincere effort to build environmental awareness. Major activities at the India Environment Festival include ‘Meet Green Heroes’ – talk shows by eminent environmentalists, Hara Pitara, a curated Green Market for eco-friendly products and services and Dog Adoption Show for adopting abandoned dogs.


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