E-Bikes in India: Transforming the Future of Transportation


Author – Holly Schaeffer


As the world’s population keeps growing, socio-environmental issues are coming to the forefront, including solutions for sustainable housing, healthcare, and notably, transportation challenges.

With our cities needing to provide shelter for millions more, getting them across is becoming a serious challenge, especially when we take into account how much fuel is needed for daily transportation of so many people.

The main challenge of modern-day transportation is thus no longer about handling the sheer volume of passengers: it’s doing so in a manner that will not harm their health or cause additional environmental pollution.

Here comes the e-bike that addresses this dilemma by providing a simple solution to transportation inside a city – a fast, reliable, eco-friendly way of getting from point A to point B. An electric bike or e-bike is simply a bicycle that has some form of electric-powered propulsion, such as a hub motor or mid-drive motor. It is different from an ‘e-motorcycle’ or ‘electric scooter’, which is a purpose-built vehicle with electric propulsion.

E-bikes save money and space

E-bikes in India are an excellent way to save money on transportation – you only need to invest in them once, and you are set for the bike’s lifetime. If you invest a bit of time and effort in its maintenance, it could literally serve you for your lifetime. Charging it is easier than an electric car, and because of its convenient dimensions, it can easily find itself space on even the busiest roads. Being so compact and easily portable, the e-bike also saves space when parking. You can even park it inside homes and office buildings if there is no designated parking space outside.

Different models for every need

There are plenty of e-bike models available in India and finding one that will best fit your needs shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Some of the things to consider when purchasing one are charging time and the length of the charge itself, as well as the vehicle weight and size.

If you are planning to take your ebike to work, you can settle for something with a shorter battery life, depending on how far you need to travel each day. On the other hand, if you are looking for something to take out on for long rides, you might want to choose a bike whose battery can hold a longer charge, to ensure that you don’t get stranded somewhere.
Of course, you can still pedal the bike when you run out of charge, so you are left with a feasible transportation option, even if the battery dies!

The health benefits of biking

Biking is second to walking when it comes to the most eco-friendly ways to get about. It is also an excellent way to get a workout without feeling like you are working out. Modern society is often trapped in the work-sleep-work cycle and spends little to no time a day moving and exercising. As a result, the sedentary lifestyle has a disastrous effect on our health, and is proven to contribute to increased rates of illness, chronic disease, and mortality.

With an e-bike, you can get around faster than you would with a regular bike, but still be able to get a workout in. You will have to pedal somewhat, as the electric power is there to speed you along and help you be swifter and exert less energy. Investing in an e-bike means you get a reliable, eco-friendly vehicle to get you to work and anywhere else you need to go. On top of that, you get a workout built into your day without having to clock in any extra time at the gym.

Impact on cityscape

Urban dwellings are finding it more and more difficult to cope with overpopulation and the limited space that’s available. It is a fact that cars, trucks, and vans take up so much space only contributes to the limitations, and produce so much pollution. Switching over a significant amount of the population to e-scooters and e-bikes as a preferred means of transportation can transform the cityscape.

Building bike lanes and bike routes is much less taxing on the economy and infrastructure than building roads for cars. Not to mention the way a transportation option that does not emit fumes and gasses into the atmosphere can benefit the quality of air in the most densely-populated urban centers.

Traffic jams can thus become a thing of the past, and commuters will experience some other stress-relieving benefits. E-bikes are thus turning into more than just a clever way to get about town – and are becoming a way to reshape the future of modern society.

E-bikes in India – Limitations & doubts

There are some relevant questions posed by those who doubt the e-bike’s feasibility such as the range of travel, cost of transportation, and the impact on present-day infrastructure. While these concerns are sound, the pros cannot be outweighed by them.
The benefits of switching over to the e-bike are far more valuable than the possible limitations. With the right education and government-backed investments, e-bikes can sooner rather than later become the present of transportation, rather than its future.

Investing in an e-bike is investing in a healthier and more earth-conscious way of life. And if the recent bush fires in Australia have taught us anything, it’s that individuals can’t continue to wait for the powers that be to take action – we need to be the ones who begin to implement meaningful change. When observed from that standpoint, an e-bike is a small investment in the longevity of the planet.

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