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UVHeal is one of the leading manufacturers in India . The main aim of UVHeal SafeAir is to make clean air accessible to all.

The WHO has now declared the novel coronavirus has the ability to spread through the air as well. This is one of the major possibilities for increasing the spread of the disease in an indoor air circulation system. This means a single carrier or infected person can spread the disease to numerous people in an enclosed space.

To contain the spread of coronavirus in closed environments, Ankit Sharma from Arific System has introduced UVHeal SafeAir. This product from a Delhi-based startup disinfects the air where it is circulated using ultraviolet germicidal radiation. These radiations have the ability to destroy the DNA or RNA of any microbe floating in the air and thereby stopping the pathogens from spreading. UVHeal SafeAir is suitable for use in all public places equipped with central air conditioning systems and thus proven to be quite effective for COVID-19 safety.

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