Mumbai’s Cuffe Parade residents celebrate Holi with flowers


Residents of a Mumbai locality celebrated eco-friendly Holi with flowers without any colors as an initiative to save water and keep the environment clean.

The arrival of the colourful spring festival was celebrated by 200 members of the Cuffe Parade Residents Association and members of Puncham Group, an NGO gathered in a garden threw 10 kilograms of marigold and rose petals at each other, thereby creating awareness on environment protection. Their main aim was to avoid the huge wastage of water and toxic chemical colours. The petals used in the celebration can be composted and converted into organic manure later.

Tilak Holi was opted by the ones who preferred to embrace and follow the traditional way of celebrating Holi in the most simple way, where Tilak was applied on each other’s foreheads. Moving from wet-and wild-Holi to a dry-and-delightful tilak Holi can actually save tons of water used in the celebration and in the cleaning processes. Puncham Group that plays woman-only Holi also opted for an eco-friendly Holi with petals to avoid the harmful effects of colors on human health and the environment.

Further, Holi is celebrated one day before by the Kolis community in the village of Worli Koliwada, who have been sticking to this age-old tradition. The lead role in the celebrations is usually taken up by the women of the village. A matka (pot) containing coconut, sugarcane, and other things are carried by them on their heads while roaming the village. These things are offered in the holy pyre lit in the market place.


Date: 20.03.2019 | Source: DNA

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