How To Prevent Packaging Waste In Your Logistics?


Today, the demand for sustainable packaging materials is increasing among different business sectors, including the packing & moving industry. More and more businesses are utilizing packaging materials that are eco-friendly in order to reduce the huge waste ending up in landfills, thereby protecting the environment in the long run.

Thus, if you’re running a business that requires any kind of packaging in your operations, there are various ways to prevent packaging waste in your logistics. Here are some of them:

Embrace Simplicity When Packing

If you want to provide logistics services without causing harm to the environment and also save costs, then you should encourage minimal packaging. This means that you should develop a proper plan to estimate your logistic needs to ensure you don’t require a significant amount of packing materials.

For example, most reliable moving companies offer efficient and high-quality packing services to all their clients. Thus, it is a good idea to be more creative to come with a minimalistic packaging design for your services.

So, instead of using a lot of packing materials, it’s best to reduce them to a certain degree, thereby leading to a reduced product cost. Further, when you follow minimal packaging, you can also reduce the fuel used for its transportation.

Utilize The Right Loose Filling

When packing items for your logistics, you can prevent packaging waste by using the right loose filling. This means you shouldn’t use a large box for packing a small item, unless it is required. Instead, understand what kind of loose filling is perfect for different types of items. By using the right loose-fill, you may not only avoid wastes from piling up but you may also be able to protect the items inside the box better.

Look For Biodegradable Packaging

green packaging

Most packaging materials are made of plastic polymers or something that cannot be decomposed, thereby ending up in the landfills for years. Fortunately, today, you can make use of biodegradable packing materials such as Bioplastics or corrugated cardboard bubble wraps when packing your products for transportation.

For example, materials like corn-based plastic can be a great option to prevent packaging waste from destroying Mother Nature. Unlike other common packaging items, the biodegradable ones can be brought to a commercial composting facility to be broken down.

Use An Industrial Shredder

If your logistics company requires packaging as part of your logistical operations, then bringing in an industrial shredder can help you stop packaging wastes from accumulating. This device can be of great assistance as it can shed anything, including cardboard, paper, and many more. Not only that but if you want something that protects the corners of your cardboard boxes, you can use the shredder to provide a lot of shredded materials to fill the packaging boxes.

For example, let’s say you’re providing moving services locally or long distance, where you pack and move your clients’ stuff. Then you can take advantage of a paper shredder to generate shredded materials that could serve as a cushion for your fragile items inside the moving boxes.

So, instead of buying other materials to fill the boxes, you can shred some old papers or damaged cardboard boxes to be used as paper cushions. Consequently, you can save money while preventing the production of wastes in your logistics.

Invest In A Cardboard Baler

 Baler prevent packaging waste

Generally, cardboard is considered one of the common packaging materials, which is why its waste gets accumulated in large amounts. This is especially true if you have lots of defective or old cardboard boxes in your warehouse.

Thus, to prevent them from piling up, consider using a cardboard baler so you can compress voluminous cardboard wastes and turn them into small and easily recyclable bales. By doing this, you can reduce waste and make your packaging operations more environment-friendly.

Properly Train Your Staff To Prevent Packaging Waste

Another way to prevent packaging wastes from accumulating in your logistics is to provide proper training to your staff. By training them, you can make sure that your entire team will follow all the rules and regulations that you’ve implemented.

For example, you should never assume that your team members know everything about packaging and logistics operations as a whole. Find time to inform them about the importance of using proper sizes of boxes and many more. Don’t hesitate to communicate with your staff so everyone is on the same page. This means that the company’s commitment to stopping packaging wastes from building up is clear. You can do this by posting your guidelines on a bulletin board or sending them to their respective work emails.


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