How to Make Your Office More Environmentally Friendly


Author – Jenna Hilton

Many of us own a startup or a small business that needs to be highly economical and energy efficient to ensure consistent profitability. Further, if you own a small business, you have a responsibility to make sure that your office is as environmentally friendly as it possibly can be. With global warming becoming a major crisis, every little bit we do helps and we all have to do our bit when it comes to our individual social responsibility. Here are some of our top tips on how to make your office environmentally friendly:

How to make your office more environmentally friendly?

Use eco-friendly building materials

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The first thing that you can do in your business to make it more environmentally friendly is to make sure that you use materials that are recyclable. To start with, if your office space lease is expiring or your business is expanding, how about making the location of your office eco-friendlier? Steel frame buildings are a great way to achieve this, since they can be constructed rapidly and steel is also a recyclable material that is very kind to the planet. You can also find a good warranty on your building if you choose the right supplier, meaning you won’t need to replace it with something new a few years down the line. For example, companies like Armstrong Steel provide a 50-year structural warranty on their steel buildings (which is one of the last of its kind available on the market today).

Bins for waste recycling

Then, within your office space, you can try to reduce the use of plastics as much as possible and introduce recycling bins for recyclable materials such as paper and glass. You could even become a paperless office using the latest technology! This will massively reduce the amount of waste from the office heading to a landfill site.

Switch to Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Did you know that a lot of commercial cleaning products that we use to clean our homes and offices are not good for the environment? Instead, you should to switch to eco-friendly natural cleaning products that you can even make yourself. This includes item such as baking soda or vinegar to clean your workspace.

Reduce Car Emissions

Carbon emissions from vehicles are one of the biggest causes of global warming, so why not encourage your employees to reduce their carbon footprint? This could be in the form of an incentive to walk, cycle or take public transport to work or you could even organise a carpool. Further, office transport or carpooling can massively reduce carbon emissions.

Ensure energy efficiency

how to make your office environmentally friendly
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Most of us like to heat up our lunch at office, but did we know that the microwave oven in your office consumes most of its electricity when it is simply sitting in standby mode? Similarly there are many electric appliances in your office that sit in the standby mode and consume power.

Computers and IT peripherals is the biggest power-consuming segment, followed by projectors, TVs, and telephones. Refilling your printer ink cartridges is a simple way to save money as well as the environment. There are companies that sell refilled ink cartridges for all printer brands online. Encourage everyone at the office to try and conserve as much power as they can by switching everything off at the end of the day. Not only will the earth thank you, but your bank account will too!

By introducing these eco-friendly steps, you can start a meaningful conversation about how to make your office environmentally friendly that is sure to encourage others to think more about their own carbon footprint.

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