How Eco-Friendly Mattresses Can Benefit Your Family


Author – Sarah Morris

The clamor for a more sustainable way of living is more than just a temporary trend: it is now a must-do lifestyle. One of the household items that contribute to more sustainable means of living are eco-friendly or organic mattresses.

The bedroom is the most critical room in your house that you should invest in since it is here that you spend most of your time resting. Your mattress, in particular, is a long-term investment for your health, as well as your family’s well-being. That said, here are some of the advantages that you can gain from choosing eco-friendly mattresses:

1. Lack of Any Chemicals

Eco-friendly mattresses are more costly than a regular mattress because they are made of organic materials, which are better for your health. As they are free from synthetic materials, they are also free of pesticides and other chemicals that may have been applied. Eco-friendly mattresses use materials such as cotton and wool that have been manufactured without the use of pesticides. Because eco-friendly mattresses are free of volatile chemicals, your family can enjoy immunity from the following:

  • Headaches and fatigue
  • Allergic skin reactions and dizziness
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Eye, nose, and throat irritation

As you try to free your home from harmful chemicals and pesticides, you should also strive to do the same with other belongings that have these volatile chemicals as a part of their component, particularly those found in your bedroom.

2. Regulate Temperature Better

When you rest on synthetic mattresses, your body cannot adapt well to the rising temperature. Some synthetic mattresses tend to make you sweat because of their heat absorbing plastic material. With eco-friendly mattresses, you are free of this discomfort. Organic mattresses usually have a better capacity to regulate body temperature. For instance, organic cotton and wool can better adjust to the weather, staying warm during the colder months and remaining cold during the warmer months. Wool is, in fact, labeled by the American Sleep Association as a natural fiber textile that regulates temperature.

3. More Sustainable Choice

When you choose eco-friendly mattresses, you are becoming friendlier towards the environment. Organic mattresses are biodegradable, as they aren’t made from any synthetic raw materials. When you will have to dispose of your mattress, it can break down naturally without causing any harm. That’s one less mattress clogging up a landfill. To start your search for the best eco-friendly mattresses, you can visit online resources like Sleepjunkie or similar websites that provide reviews of eco-friendly mattresses.

4. Resistant To Dust, Mold, And Mildew

Dust, mold, and mildew are the three most common irritants found in synthetic beds. No matter how clean and how often you wash your sheets and mattresses, you are still at risk of exposing yourself to these microorganisms. When you sleep in conventional mattresses, you tend to sweat quite a lot because your temperature isn’t regulated well. This shedding of sweat and skin cells can allow dust, mold, and mildew to thrive. With eco-friendly mattresses, you are free of these troublesome microorganisms.


While organic mattresses aren’t yet as popular as synthetic ones, you cannot discount the benefits that you are to gain from these mattresses. As you choose to go for more sustainable lifestyle practices in your home, you are also doing a favor to you and your family’s health. Albeit more expensive, all the extra dollars you spend on organic mattresses are certainly worth the cost.



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