Millet Amma wins packaging honors at Pepper Awards 2019


Millet Amma, a Bengaluru-based food manufacturing company has won the Bronze Award for Excellence in packaging design at Pepper Awards 2019, the most renowned advertising awards in South India.

Pepper Awards are one of the most acclaimed award events in India for trailblazers in the field of advertising from the states of Kerala, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. This year, the event took place on 17th May 2019, at Kochi where Millet Amma’s exceptionally creative design and innovative packaging concept helped it walk away with the Bronze Award.

‘Millet Amma’ as the name suggests deals with millet-based unique food products including a range of organic dosa idli batters, delicious yet healthy accompaniments such as pickle and chutneys and mouth-watering healthy bites. They are the first to introduce the goodness of organic food such as idlis and dosas made of millet batter, Moringa chutney and organic millet pizza base to the taste buds of conscious consumers.

Apart from the scrumptious food that is being served to the consumers, the company has another reason to stay in the good books, its appealing packaging. The apt design that resonates perfectly with the industry they are in, the unparalleled way of presenting the ingredients as well as the final product on the packet itself and the overall impact that the visual appearance of the packaging leaves on the consumers’ eyes, as they gaze through retail shelves justifies the winning of the awardee. And not to miss, the cherry on the cake is the company’s take on recyclable packaging. Millet Amma is the trailblazer food company to introduce recyclable packaging in this category.
Date: 25.05.2019 | Source: Pepper Awards


  1. Hi,
    Have a good day…
    About ecoideaz, in our day to day activity before purchase a product, think twice about the product, is it the material is reusable/free from plastic/easy to degradable/environmental friendly, if we start this habit, every one will get idea about to save our environment through regular habit of culture and ideas get start to generate like endless.
    These small small ideas, we hope reach and start think by other family’s, enterprises , manufacturers and again buyers.
    We hope this is also one way to improve and sustain good environment.
    Thanking You,
    SL Surendra kumar


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