First Green Railway Corridor on the Rameshwaram-Manamadurai Route

Image – Vinod Surendran

A 114km long track between Rameshwaram and Mana Madurai has been declared as the ‘Green Railway Corridor’. This is a first for India. It is a ‘Zero Human Waste Discharge’ corridor.

All the trains running along this corridor are installed with bio-toilets, which were developed by Indian Railways in collaboration with DRDO. These bio-toilets contain tanks below them, which collect human waste and are decomposed by consortium bacteria. Only the water is discharged on the tracks.

The Green Railway Corridor was inaugurated by The Railway Minister, Suresh Prabhu, on Sunday (24-07-2016).

There are 14 stations along the Green Railway corridor and 10 trains consisting of 286 coaches that pass through the route. The Indian Railway is also planning to identify more routes under Green Corridors.

This step has been taken by the Indian railways to achieve their goal of providing bio-toilets in all coaches by September 2019. This is a great move by the Indian Railways towards the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

Source: The Better India | 25-07-2016

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