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Soaps By SanGi was started by me, Sangita Vasuraj, in 2012 in an effort to ‘Go Green’, eliminate toxic chemicals and have a more holistic life. It did not take long for this hobby, which was largely catering to the needs of family and friends, to quickly grow into a full scale venture, largely encouraged by all who had tried my products.

I make cold-processed soaps. I make them from scratch with oils and lye. No pre-manufactured or externally sourced soap bases. No carcinogenic and toxic chemicals like Triclosan, or other dioxins! The advantage of this method of soap-making is that it manages to keep most of the properties of the ingredients through the soap-making process, which in turn help in moisturizing your skin. It also retains 100% of the glycerine, which is a natural by-product of soap. Most commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerine from the soaps and sell it as an independent product. Glycerine is a humectant, which basically means that it attracts moisture from the air thereby helping the skin stay soft and moisturized.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Karnataka, India

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