Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central invites you to Swaccha Whitefield


Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central (RBWC) has joined hands with Inorbit Mall–Whitefied to host a unique event named ‘Swaccha Whitefield’ expo, on 19-20 January 2019 to ensure sustainable and bio-degradable alternatives are available in Whitefield, Bengaluru.

Through this event, RBWC aims to provide a platform for vendors/manufacturers who produce & sell sustainable alternatives to plastic and other non-bio-degradable packaging material in order to reduce the waste going in landfills, and create a cleaner community. Many vendors who produce sustainable and bio-degradable alternatives are invited to put stalls to display their products at Inorbit Mall, Whitefield (which is the Location Partner for the event) from 11 am to 8 pm on 19 and 20 January.

The purpose of Swaccha Whitefield is to build awareness among consumers about the various sustainable and bio-degradable alternatives available to the Whitefielders at their doorstep. RBWC has made efforts to contact all the leading producers across the country and bring them to this event. Apart from the product exhibition, there will be talk-shows by experts in who have made a difference in our environment, drawing competitions on the theme of ‘Swaccha Whitefield’ and practical & innovative techniques to manage solid waste.

About 10 nearby schools have been invited to send their students to participate in the drawing competition. Additionally, shopkeepers and restaurants who embrace the alternate biodegradable packaging materials will be felicitated. The entire event is expected to as a changemaker event that will help the citizens bring a change in mindset and transform the community into a Clean Community.

Interested parties can contact – Rotarian Manoj Kabre (9845947783) or mail for more details at

Date: 03.01.2019 | Source: Rotary Bangalore Whitefield Central

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