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Ambrosia Organic Farm

Ambrosia is committed to indigenous seed security and actively encourages farmers to grow traditional varieties of rice and wheat which, despite not being early maturing, high yield varieties (HYV)that have been widely used since the “Green Revolution” of the 1960s, do have superior taste, nutritional and therapeutic values. It is of the utmost importance that these desi varieties are kept in use and grown annually so as to preserve them for future generations. Today Ambrosia Organic Farm Pvt Ltd has its own farm of 35 acres with another 95 acres belonging to 10 associated farmers from the same area. In addition to that, Ambrosia is linked to hundreds of farmers across the country so as to give Ambrosia access to all of India’s wonderful bounty making it available to the people of Goa.

Bokechi Aradi, Goa, India 403510

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