Greenpath’s Organic State Brings Organic Food into Mainstream


Greenpath Organic State    There are many who doubt if organic food is just a passing fad for the fashionable hipsters. Here comes the best proof that organic food is stepping out of the alternative lifestyle and is here to stay. India’s largest organic food retail store ‘GreenPath Organic State – Hasiru Thota’ is being launched by Greenpath Foundation in Bengaluru on Earth Day. During our recent visit, we were astounded by the grandeur and vast display of products.

Greenpath Organic StateThere is a diverse range of products displayed at GreenPath’s Organic State: sustainably grown spices, herbs, condiments, organic certified pulses, cereals, honey, jaggery, papads, multi-grain flour, a plethora of millets, amla candies, pickles, you name the food item, we could find the organic version of it! Apart from food, the store displayed a range of eco-friendly fashion accessories, organic cotton clothes, bags, etc.

GreenPath Organic State is not just a retail hub centered on organic food and sustainable practices and activism. It also has a banquet hall, detox cafe, and a restaurant, which primarily aims to bring to us food, the way it was intended to be consumed by nature. So companies can organize corporate events amidst a lush green setting, while individuals can relax and detox the stress out of their hectic city life.

Greenpath Organic State

The most endearing part of GreenPath Organic State was the Forgotten Foods restaurant, which served a delectable range of exotic food items and traditional delicacies. But all of them had a health food twist which made them not only nutritious but also tasty. As the name suggests, the eatery evokes some nostalgia by cooking some forgotten food items like ragi payasam (pudding), jowar rotis, salads, etc.

Greenpath Organic State

I must say the ever-smiling organic chef Kannika Bharath was most endearing aspect of the restaurant! She served up some delightful fruit smoothies made from farm-fresh, locally grown organic fruits. Another surprise was the Mexican food varieties such as nachos, tortillas and organic pizzas with exotic toppings. We normally associate pizza to be junk food, but we realize that every food can be eaten in a healthy way!

Greenpath Organic State

Apart from delighting us with such exotic and delicious food, GreenPath Organic State has other aspects that make it completely eco-friendly and sustainable. The waste from the restaurant is sent to the biogas plant, while the power is derived from solar PV panels. Interestingly, solar PV panels on the rooftop provide shade to plants in the terrace garden!

Greenpath Organic State

The ever-welcoming Jayaram H R is the brain behind this unique hub that presents a holistic view on leading a better life. Obviously, his clientele are delighted to visit the place and meet the person behind it. Bangaloreans can do something special to celebrate this Earth Day by visiting GreenPath Organic State and taking the first step toward living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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