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Climate Resilience Planning for Mumbai City’s Infrastructure

A new urban infrastructure model that supports climate resilience planning needs to be developed for the city of Mumbai, says Rohit Sadaphal of Eckonirmitee
Eco Ideaz

Joy e-bike

Joy e-bike is our “Solution to pollution" with innovation being an integral part, our idea is to bring something new to the market, which can also help fight climate change. With innovation being an integral part, our idea is to bring something new to the market, which can also help fight climate change.With more than eight trendy models, we want to make a positive impact on the future. After all, in the current environment scenario, where the majority of the carbon emission is caused by fuel-run vehicles, zero-emission vehicles are a boon. Also, our vehicles are perfect for every day use as they are inexpensive and require very little maintenance.
Eco Ideaz

Environment Protection Training & Research Institute

Environment Protection Training & Research Institute (EPTRI) is aN organization that is abreast of wide-ranging concerns regarding environmental conservation and protection from ozone depletion, climate change, etc.

Verve Consulting

Verve Consulting is a leading professional services firm, offering advisory services in Climate Change and Green Infrastructure.
Emergent Ventures India

Emergent Ventures India

EVI exists to catalyze actions for a sustainable planet and create a positive impact by integrating innovative solutions in technology, policy & finance. We provide sustainability, climate change and renewable energy consulting to clients across the globe.

Earth Eclipse

Already getting suffered by boast of environmental issues like climate change, increase in global warming, ocean acidification, ozone depletion, increase in pollution, loss of biodiversity, acid rain, natural resource depletion, overpopulation, waste disposal and many more, our planet requires some great initiative by various countries to come out with alternative solutions that could reduce the burden of these issues on our mother Earth.

Are Your Dog Poop Bags Biodegradable?

Pet waste is a bigger problem than many people realize, contributing to high nitrogen and phosphorus levels that can contaminate waterways, killing fish and...

Tips for Choosing Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Packing Materials

We all have a responsibility to keep the environment safe and healthy for future generations. Making a few simple changes to the way you...

ET Edge Organizes 2nd ET GSA ESG & Net Zero Summit in Mumbai

ET Edge from India’s leading business media, The Economic Times, is organizing the second edition of its ET Global Sustainability Alliance ESG & Net...

Building Environmental Awareness Begins at School

Author – Robert Griffith Education plays an important role in dealing with climate change effectively. Promoting environmental awareness in school helps build eco-consciousness as a...