CII to organize CII Climate Leadership Conference and CAP 2.0° Awards


The Confederation of Indian Industry in association with DSM is organizing the CII Climate Leadership Conference at Le Meridien, New Delhi on 1 August 2019. This is a platform to bring all relevant stakeholders including government, civil society, non-profit organizations together to debate on possible solutions for the Indian industry.

The sessions are designed; keeping the latest climate change-related events in view to help Indian companies adopt faster global warming mitigation and adaptation practices. The sessions will cover aspects of building disaster resilient infrastructure and discuss the role of the government’s secretariat called Coalition for Disaster Risk Resilient Infrastructure. Supply chain and GHG inventory challenges will be discussed in detail along with examples of good practices. We will also understand some award-winning climate start-up ideas and their enabling eco-system.

With the commencement of the new government’s term and involvement of the former Environment Minister back in the MOEFCC’s affairs, a session is designed on the new government’s agenda for the immediate short-term as well as long-term. This session will particularly focus on the new climate initiatives thought of by the new government, their rollout and expectations from Indian companies.

The CII Climate Leadership Conference will end with an award ceremony for winners of the Climate Action Programme (CAP) 2.0°. These CAP 2.0° Awards are a recent initiative launched by CII and DSM to make Indian companies’ climate resilient. This follows the CII climate maturity model combined with the principles of business excellence to allow Indian companies contract climate risks and exploit market opportunities.

Date: 15.07.2019 | Source: CII-ITC CESD


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