Latest Smart Technologies That Positively Impact Bee Farming


Author – Mabel Burnett

Bee farming is a highly sustainable practice that has helped improve the agricultural aspects and ecosystem on Earth. Today, more people are becoming interested in protecting and taking care of bees, thus helping increase the population of bees and the production of honey around the globe.

Honeybees are a great way to help pollinate plants and even their honeycomb is used to make beeswax for cosmetic products. Not to mention, it produces healthy sweeteners called honey that is used as a health food for its nutritional benefits.  Since honey bees are so important, bee farming practices need to be given enough attention and improve them.

Thankfully, there are some innovative ways by using smart technologies that can reduce the harmful effects of intensive farming practices on bee farming and create a more positive approach to protecting bees. Here are some of the smart technologies available right now that can positively impact bee farming practices:

Flow Hive

Flow hive is an award-winning beekeeping innovation that is trending among beekeepers across the world. This technology is designed to help honey extraction in a less harmful way and pours each batch directly into a jar. The great thing about this flow hive device is that you wouldn’t need to open the hives to harvest honey, thus making honey extraction easier and serving as a gentler alternative. So the intricately-designed bee house extracts fresh honey from the hive without any mess. But of course, this innovative beekeeping equipment comes at a high price, but it’s worth the investment.

However, some people would rather stick to the traditional equipment of extracting honey . Thus, you could invest in equipment such as honey strainers, uncapping forks, beekeeping rotating scrapers, and honey extractors to ensure that there is little to no damage done to your hives.


Eco Ideaz
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If you’re an amateur beekeeper who finds it hard to monitor your beehive health, then the Beebot is a perfect way to help you with this problem. Beebot is a smart sensor gadget that helps beekeepers track the temperature in hives and humidity and identify the frequency of the bee buzzing, which could help detect problems inside each hive. Further, it makes beekeepers’ jobs easy since this device will alert you through your connected gadgets whenever needed.

This innovation positively impacts the bee farming experience through your gadgets such as phones, computers, or tablets – making it very accessible wherever you are. It allows timely intervention to prevent any severe damage or hive losses because it could spot early signs of harmful problems.


Some beekeepers lose their bees because they cannot maintain and provide adequate attention to them. The uHive tech allows you to monitor the bee movement and the hive’s state to help alert beekeepers if there are some situations that require their attention.

Not to mention, it’s a great way to impart knowledge to scientists around the globe. With every use, the tech sends info that can help with scientific studies to scientists who aim to improve the quality of life of bees and to help save and protect them.


The global bee population has been at risk for a long time due to colony collapse and pesticide poisoning. Luckily, smart technologies such as Beehome are helping in increasing the pollination and honey production of bees so that the bee population doesn’t go at risk.

Beehome positively impacts bee farming practices by allowing beekeepers to monitor and watch their hives in real time. It is designed with a tracker that sees bee activities inside a hive every day for 24 hours. Not to mention, the AI technology of this device allows beekeepers to identify the urgent needs that need to be addressed immediately in real-time.

Additionally, through this device, providing immediate treatment and preventing further damage could all be done easily. Beekeepers can control various factors that may harm both the bees and hives when they are away, like temperature changes, the use of pesticides, and humidity.


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Gobuzzr is an IoT-based beehive surveillance device that monitors statistical information like weight, temperature, and humidity. It is fixed to the bottom of a beehive and sends notifications to beekeepers about any change to the conditions affecting the hive. The collected information will be aggregated and will be sent to the owner’s device at regular intervals of time.

The beehive app device shares the accurate location of the hive, so that the keepers can easily find it and conduct an in-person inspection if required. The real-time data collected and shared by the IoT device provides the beekeepers with the in-depth information required to take any decision regarding the location and the performance of the hive, to ensure maximum profit while maintaining a healthy bee colony.

Final Thoughts

Through these new software and technologies, beekeepers are able to efficiently monitor and take care of their bee hives. Aside from monitoring, efficient harvesting and sustainably less-damaging procedures are done when handling bees and honey. Hope these details help you in guiding you to choosing the right technology for enhancing your bee farming experience.



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