Innovative Startups Emerge at Nasscom Product Conclave


The NASSCOM Product Conclave (NPC 2016) brought together one of the largest congregations of startups and investors in India. Despite a slowdown in investments from venture capitalists and angel investors this year, there was a sizeable assembly of startups at the NPC 2016 held at Bengaluru recently. There were companies from diverse domains such as software, mobile technology, banking, artificial intelligence, healthcare, retail, robotics, energy management, etc.

NASSCOM has created a structured and competitive way to recognize startups with the most potential, through its ‘Emerge 50’ initiative. Here are some interesting and innovative startups at Nasscom Product Conclave that caught our attention with their unique products –

Innovative Startups at Nasscom Product Conclave


It was interesting to see someone using a virtual reality viewer to show videos. Byond Travel is an experiential travel platform that designs and executes immersive travel journeys in over 50 locations. However, it is just another interesting offbeat travel service provider in the market. Byond Travel actively builds an engaged community of travelers who come together to share their passion through ‘Lime Diaries’, a speaker series for travel stories and travel clubs, that meet once a month. Lime Diaries shares some of the stories through virtual reality videos that create an awe-inspiring visual experience of a 360 degree view that replicates the real experience of a traveler. So your travel can’t be more experiential than this!

Indium Design


Indium Design is a startup of youngsters from Ahmedabad who have created an electric bicycle for the Indian market. This eco-friendly vehicle tries to combine the best of both worlds – bicycle pedaling on flat roads that are easy to pedal and an electric motor to push uphill. Indium uses a lithium-ion battery to power an electric motor elegantly hidden inside the backwheel hub to give a range of 50kms. Rushad Rupawala from Indium Design said the electric bicycle costs around INR25,000 now, which is way cheaper than any vehicle available in the Indian market. Since this innovation is still in a pilot mode, we have to see the bicycle on road to see how this idea will work out!

Lattice Innovations


Most of the startups on display at NPC only had virtual products such as mobile apps, software, websites, etc. however, there was one real product company that had the most fascinating product. Medical electronic gadgets for rural hospitals! Lattice Innovations has created a range of innovative electronic gadgets such as Bluetooth Spirometer, Cardiac Risk Assessment Kiosk, Digital Microscopy, Wearable for Vertigo detection and Fall Sensor that help healthcare professionals to easily access patient info and provide faster care.

Lattice’s ICU Patient Monitor is one such smart device that collects key medical data such as blood pressure, respiratory rate, pulse, temperature, ECG heart rate, and display all the data in one smartphone or tablet device. It can also send the data to a specialist sitting in a super-specialty hospital in a metro city. This innovative monitor can help in providing easy access to medical data and bring down healthcare costs in rural areas.

LogicLadder Technologies


There is no doubt energy efficiency has become the need of the hour for companies. Particularly, for corporate companies that have numerous units in multiple locations, there is an urgent need to monitor greenhouse gas emissions and reduce energy consumption. LogicLadder provides energy intelligence as a service through cloud-based energy management solutions, which enable customers to save energy and meet environmental compliance.

Its offerings such as Energy Monitoring System, Energy and Asset Intelligence help companies to know their energy footprint and then utilize this information to reduce energy and operational costs. LogicLadder implements turnkey projects by providing expertise in energy management right from conception to implementation, along with necessary maintenance and on-going support.

Budding Innovators by Workbench Projects

Workbench Projects, the organizers of Bengaluru Mini Maker Faire brought together a diverse range of young inventors who showcased some eye-catching innovations at NPC.

Project Disarm


Project Disarm was one of them that presented an interesting solution to disaster management. The first casualty during a major natural calamity will be the collapse of power and telecom infrastructure. So a bunch of students from NIT Durgapur and IIT Kharagpur are developing a wireless communication infrastructure using the disruption-prone network with the help of smartphones and allied rapidly deployable devices based peer-to-peer Delay Tolerant Network. The idea is to develop distributed methods for post-disaster service management in the event of unreliable (wireless) network links. However, users have to install a mobile app in smartphones before a disaster strikes!

Similarly, Supreeth Y S from R V College of Engineering has innovated a wearable smart safety device that can help women get help during any physical assault. Women have to wear an electronic tracker device in any jewelry item and then enable it through a mobile app.

Smart School Bag & Smart Agriculture


It is amazing to see how our surroundings and upbringing influence us in our creativity. It was heartening to see underprivileged kids from a rural government school present their innovation, which was directly related to their rural surroundings. Two students from the Uttarahalli Government Highschool presented a smart agriculture system that monitors a small farm with the use of electronic devices implanted in farm tools.

On the other hand, Aryan Tanwar, a seventh standard kid from NPS, Bengaluru has created a school bag that is smart enough to tell what to wear today and which books are to be taken to school. Aryan’s Smart School Bag indicates the particular book that has to be carried based on the school time-table. This is done via an LED light that detects a RFID tag (Radio Frequency Identification) attached to books. Aryan further has added a weather sensor to the bag, which then indicate whether there is a need to carry a raincoat or umbrella or not.



There are many startups catering to tech-based education in India and Fundamentor is one among them. However, it is an innovative web application that enhances creative thinking among school students by using a medium that they really enjoy – Video games! This platform that helps students aged between 8 and 15 years to develop cognitive, quantitative, verbal and creative thinking skills through gamified teaching programs. Till now, Fundamentor has been implemented in a bunch of schools in Bengaluru and already has 3,000 paid subscribers.

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