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Lake Peace is a Slow-fashion Eco-conscious, PETA approved 100% Vegan clothing brand with an emphasis on comfort & functionality made with certified plant-based Organic fabrics.
We work with Organic Cotton fabrics which apart from being an eco-friendly alternative to synthetics & conventionally grown plant fibers, are super-soft, breathable and ideal for the Indian climate. What’s more, since they are free from toxic dyes & chemicals normally found in conventional clothing, our clothes are a great alternative for people with sensitive skins and in fact, anyone who cares about their health.

We are believers of change and the human resolve to bring it. We believe sartorial choices need not be at the cost of our environment, ethics or health. We weave together style and sustainability into timeless pieces of clothing that is as practical and comfortable as it is beautiful.

At Lake Peace, we believe that making conscious ethical choices should not be difficult, out of reach or only for a few. Everyday, we work to create a beautiful and affordable alternative for anyone who wishes to make the switch to Cleaner Compassionate & Conscious lifestyle.

Delhi, India

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