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CODE Effort Pvt. Ltd. is India's leading cigarette waste recycling company and recycles each component of cigarette waste generated either domestically or industrially. We use the most environmentally responsible methods and procedures for recycling waste and reusing it in the form of recycled products. Cigarette waste is a non-biodegradable waste which can be reused in various other by-products.

CODE Effort Pvt. Ltd. provides collection services of cigarette waste with an aim to a cigarette waste free India. Collection of cigarette waste is one rigorous task our team successfully handles. Collection services come along with one free VBins. Collection is paid to the customers as per the rates specified in the contract.

Cigarette waste butts are recycled using biodegradable chemicals. The waste water generated during cigarette butts recycling is also recycled for further usage in the next batches. Code Effort Pvt. Ltd. ensures zero wastage.

Plot No. 6, Rohillapur Village, Near JS Garden, Sector 132, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India 201304

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