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Bio World - Areca Leaf Plates

Bio World - Areca Leaf Plates is the manufacturers of global warming products. Bio world is all about nature. The bio world gives us products which are plastic free and they are concerned with go green. We could see organic vegetables now days similarly Bioworld is also attached to the word bio degradable. Nature is the best way to enjoy similarly bio world is very much attached to our day today life.

Bio World are the producers of PALM LEAF PLATES also. These plates are prepared from palm leaves and they are light weight but very strong to hold with eatables. So it is easy to hold in hand for the children also. So people are affording to buy these plates at reasonable prices. These plates are in different shapes and sizes. They are SQUARE, RECTANGLE, OVAL, ROUND, HEART, PLATTER, ETC. Its found in small, medium and big size also.

No 3-1-5, Karaikudi road, Singampunari, Tamil Nadu, India 630502

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