Treading Lightly – How to Lower Your Environmental Footprint


Author – Hubert Dwight


As we become more and more aware of our influence on our natural surroundings, environmental footprints are becoming a key issue for the future health of our planet. Nowadays, it is crucial to learn to live more sustainably and use green products since there is so much information about environmental destruction by human activities. So it is important to arm yourself with the right information so that you can make the right choices going forward.

An environmental footprint (carbon footprint) is defined as the impact of humans on the earth’s natural resources and the earth’s ability to regenerate those resources as compared to the level of consumption. Let’s take a look at some of the ways through which we can lower our environmental footprint and lead an eco-friendly lifestyle:

Minimise Harmful Environmental Impact At Work

First and foremost, as we spend most of our days in office, it is essential to make efforts to lower your environmental footprint in the workplace. When businesses make the switch to solar power not only do they reduce the need for fossil fuels, they also vastly decrease their environmental energy impact while saving money. With the lowering cost of solar panels and installations, both the organisation and the environment benefit by introducing solar power as a primary source of energy.

Companies can become energy efficient and improve their impact on the environment through various means including initiatives such as a paperless office or using recycled paper for any copies and printing. Additionally, energy audits are a great way for companies to learn how they can reduce their carbon footprint. These audits analyze the business infrastructure and offer eco-friendly alternatives.

Other ways that people are encouraged to improve their environmental impact at work include using a hibernate setting on computers when they are not in use. Further, switching off lights and electrical appliances in the evenings and weekends can have a bigger impact than you might think.

Reduce Environmental Impact At Home

At home, everyone can reduce their environmental footprint through a range of different methods. One of the most basic things people can do to reduce their impact on the environment in the home is to recycle household items. Nearly anything can be recycled or reused, including clothes, glass, toys, plastic, paper, shoes, furniture, tin and more. Remember that by reusing certain items at home, rather than buying new things, you can have a big impact on your environment.

Another environmental aspect of home life that can be easily controlled is to replace all light bulbs with LED lights and upgrade to energy-efficient electric appliances. Further, remember to always switch off the lights in unoccupied rooms and unplug or switch off appliances when they are not being used.

Additionally, anyone can do a home energy audit. Similar to a business energy audit, you can easily assess the energy consumption of household appliances and make positive changes. By replacing outdated models with new, greener devices and appliances, you will not only save energy but money too!

Travel Sustainably

Whether it be your daily commute or more long-haul journeys, there are several ways each one of us can commit to reducing your negative impact on the environment. When you are looking into longer-haul journeys by plane, remember to pay those extra few pennies to offset your carbon emissions when you reserve your flight.

For short journeys to work or around town, it is highly recommended to try carpooling with colleagues or take public transport. Most large cities have a complex public transport system that is affordable and much more eco-friendly than self-driving. Another possibility for individuals is to cycle instead of driving, which not only improves the environment with zero carbon emissions, but is also great for your health!

Make a Better Earth for the Future

With so many new developments in technology and in renewable energies, such as wind and solar power, there really is no excuse now not to make positive changes. We all have a responsibility to create a more sustainable way of life for every inhabitant of our beautiful planet earth. Unfortunately, our planet is already showing signs of wear and tear, so remember to tread lightly, respect your environment and live an energy-efficient life as much as you possibly can.


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