Eco-conscious Builders Opt for Sustainable Housing for Students


Young people are some of the most engaged participants in the discussion about sustainability and eco-friendly living. Growing up in a world where saving the environment is a prevalent topic of conversation has meant that this new generation is putting pressure on universities and housing providers to make more environmentally conscious decisions.

Choose Sustainable Student Housing

With an increasing demand for eco-friendly housing from students across the board, developers are incorporating this into their purpose-built student accommodation. Choosing a student accommodation that is energy efficient is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint as well as costs. So developers are placing sustainability at the heart of their upcoming student housing developments. Some new student developments are completely centered around sustainable living, with solar panels, vegetable beds for students to grow their own food and even beehives for local honey production.

Developers have recognized that students want more from their accommodation and that the environment is a cause close to their hearts. For property investors, it is becoming more and more important to choose investments that are appealing to student’s eco-friendly sensibilities. New developments like those from leading buy-to-let property firm RW Invest are ideal for offering students modern and energy efficient accommodation.

Green Spaces

Green spaces are another feature that are increasingly incorporated into student accommodation. From rooftop gardens to landscaped courtyards with ponds to secret gardens; these spaces are a huge draw for students. Green spaces are great for students’ well-being as well as increasing the biodiversity in a built environment. Both universities and property developers are getting behind this initiative to use green space in innovative ways in student developments.

Environmentally Conscious Living

Students are leading the way in environmentally friendly initiatives, which are increasingly impacting the choices they make. Recycling, saving water, turning off lights – these are all things that are second nature to a new generation of sustainable-conscious students. They will happily walk around campus with reusable water bottles, take reusable bags to supermarkets and cycle to their classes. Campaigns such as going plastic free for a month, becoming vegan and buying sustainably sourced clothing have all had a major impact on students and their lifestyles.

New Build Properties

New build properties are now legally required to have energy efficient features in-built, which means that they are increasingly popular among students who are looking for sustainable housing solutions. Since April 2018, tenants in properties with an energy rating of F or G are legally permitted to demand that their landlord improves its energy efficiency. Draughty old houses with dripping taps, single glazed windows and terrible heating systems are surely out of fashion with the students of the 21st century, who are opting for more sustainable housing and modern accommodation.

Saving Money and Saving the Planet

The stereotype of students having no money continues to be prevalent, which can also mean that students are incredibly thrifty. With higher costs for both fees and accommodation, students need to make money-saving choices all the time. Some of these are also excellent for the environment. Reusing water bottles instead of buying plastic ones, turning off devices to cut down on electric bills, cutting down on meat consumption and walking rather than owning a car are all habits that are making a big impact on both students finances and their carbon footprint.

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