Can We Raise Our Baby in Eco-Friendly Parenting Way?


Author – Freddie Tubbs

Raising a child in an eco-friendly environment is a major challenge today, but you should try to do your best to meet it. The process can be gratifying and it can teach your children a lot about their environment. Observing eco-friendly lifestyle practices around them will deeply inculcate ethical values in them. However, you need to know the right way to do green parenting. Here are some tips on how to raise a baby in an eco-friendly parenting way:

Drive less, walk more

With a baby, it can be hard not to use the car. While walking sounds nice in theory, it’s much easier to just put your baby inside the car and drive away, isn’t it? To a certain point, yes. But there is nothing good except for convenience in driving in a car.

Just think about it – Instead of driving a car, you can take a relaxing walk with your baby in the fresh air and save the environment as well. Your baby would probably love it. There are other options too, like taking a bike designed for parents. Both parents and kids can benefit majorly if they take a walk in the open air, so they must try to go to a nearby park to stroll every weekend.

Plant something with your baby

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Being outdoors in your garden can be one of the best activities for you and your kid. Depending on your baby’s age, you can set up a blanket for them to sit or lay on, or just allow them to run around and play in the dirt and grass. This is a fun activity that your kid will probably repeat many more times and it will only get better each time! Besides being fun, you will also help the environment and allow you to keep nice memories and watch the plants grow with your children. Playing in mud can strengthen a child’s immune system as well.

Carry a reusable bag to market

Carrying reusable bags for you and your kid as you leave for the market can be a fun and interesting way to be eco-friendly. You could even make your own bags and decorate them the way you like. Make several of them in case you need more groceries and avoid taking plastic bags. Taking a walk to the market is another plus.

Upcycle toys

Toys that you buy from stores quickly start collecting dust and get replaced by the outdoor time and other toys. Some of these toys contain toxic materials that can harm your child and the environment. Buy toys don’t have to pollute the environment or be boring. You can get some DIY kits and start making something fun with your kids. This can be a fun activity for the family and your kids will learn to make their own eco-friendly toys!

Shop second hand

No parent wants to buy second-hand things for their baby. We all want perfectly new things for our little angels. However, this is just cluttering up the world and polluting the environment. Instead, you could buy well-kept but secondhand clothes. They still serve the same purpose and they will soon be covered up in burp, food or mud anyway.

Daily baths are not necessary

We love bathing our children every day because this is what people have been doing for generations. But unless your kid is completely covered in burp, food, milk, mud or anything else that can be hard to wash away with a quick wash, you don’t need to give your kid a bath every day. Two or three times a week would be enough, especially if it’s a young baby.

Set up a green recycle station

Another fun and educational activity for your kids could be creating a recycle station. This way, your children will know where to throw away their garbage and you can have some fun creating and decorating this station. Make sure that the station is easily accessible to your children and not placed really high up so they can’t reach it.

Use washable diapers

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The ongoing debate about what is worse for our environment, the huge amount of one-use diapers or the washing of washable diapers has been baffling parents for decades now. Some parents say that all of the detergent and the amount of water spent on washing the diapers is just as bad as buying single use diapers. Some say the opposite. Still, most of them are certain that washable diapers are a better choice.

Raising your baby through eco-friendly parenting is one of the best things you can do for your child. Hope these tips can help you in your endeavor to make your children environmentally sensitive citizens of tomorrow. Don’t let anyone stop you on your way!

Bio: Freddie Tubbs is a lifestyle blogger at Academ advisor

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