4 Reasons To Choose Sustainable Clothing Printing


Consumers are now becoming environmentally conscious and want to make a difference through their clothing purchase. As an entrepreneur, you want to offer products that cater to this eco-conscious clientele. You can contribute to this approach by making your printing line more sustainable.

The eco-friendly t-shirt printing business is quickly becoming more popular because of its positive environmental contributions. Utilizing green clothing printing techniques may impress your clientele that your company does all it can to help preserve the planet for future generations.

4 Reasons To Choose Sustainable Clothing Printing

Here are four reasons why you should choose eco-friendly clothing printing:

1. Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Many eco-friendly t-shirt printing techniques are cheaper than conventional options because they employ plant-origin resources such as soy, wheat and cotton. These sources are affordable and easy to acquire, which helps reduce your company’s printing costs.

While there are many ways to save resources and cut costs through sustainable printing, a few methods are as follows:

  • Utilize Recyclable Materials

Industrial cloth scraps such as roping and threading can be utilized for green clothing printing. Many of these materials may be already in your company’s possession so you don’t need to purchase them again.

  • Opt For Eco-Friendly Substrates

These can be made from recycled paper fibers or natural fabrics such as bamboo and cotton. Your company can save money by not purchasing expensive materials or using more to achieve the same results.

  • Using Eco-Friendly Printing Inks

As mentioned, your T-shirt printing line can be more efficient when it uses low volatile organic compounds (VOC) and water-based inks that don’t require a long drying time. These approaches to eco-friendly textile printing save resources and help lower manufacturing expenditures. It allows your products to be more competitively priced for consumers looking to contribute to a better environment.

2. Reduce Waste

High VOC content in inks contributes to air pollution since the printing process produces harmful gases that damage the environment. Further, synthetic chemicals such as Azo dyes widely used in textile and leather industries, are found to be carcinogenic. So by choosing low or no VOC solutions for eco-friendly t-shirt printing, you eliminate the detrimental effects of your printing business process.

For instance, water-based inks for sustainable clothing printing are an efficient way of eliminating harmful chemical vapors. These inks are easy to dispose of and don’t contribute to air pollution. It’s also important to print on sustainable and reusable garments such as organic cotton t-shirts.

If you use water-based ink for your clothing printing, you can also reduce water waste. Many inks require high amounts of water to be mixed, contributing to increased wastewater. By using eco-friendly printing techniques, your company is helping save this valuable resource for future use.

3. Enhance Product Printing Quality

Using earth-friendly printing materials such as water-based inks, your company can improve the quality of its products. This type of ink sits deeper on the fabric, creating fade-resistant and long-lasting prints with perfect detailing and considerably well defined and sharper edges.

This approach incorporates half-tones and other features, making them ideal for printing with complex detailed patterns. Further, it’s also easy to clean and maintain, even after repeated wear and tear. They’re also less likely to crack or peel off the fabric than standard screen-printing inks.

Moreover, you can also save energy consumption with this method. Your t-shirt printing line won’t require as much energy to complete the same task by using this eco-friendly printing material. Since water-based ink dries faster, less energy is needed to complete the printing process.

4. Boost Brand Awareness

When you choose a green business, you allow your business to broaden its clientele by catering to eco-conscious customers. By offering earth-friendly apparel printing services, you can attract people to purchase garments that reflect their environmental concerns. This method also ensures that your company is on the cutting edge of industry technology, which can help attract new clients.

Additionally, when you offer eco-friendly printing services to your customers, they’re more likely to spread the word about your company’s commitment to the environment. It enhances brand awareness and establishes your business as a leader in its field of expertise.


Offering sustainable clothing printing services shows your clients that you care about the environment and want to make a difference in the world. Your company can offer environmentally conscious products at lower prices, which helps your business’s bottom line. Some individuals who prefer to invest in green products might come back again and again for their printing needs, knowing you’re serious about protecting the planet.


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