Organics & Millets 2018 International Trade Fair underway in Bengaluru


The ‘Organics & Millets 2018 International Trade Fair’ (Organics & Millets Mela), a national event for promoting Organic Agriculture and Millets farming is being organized in Bengaluru from 19 to 21 January 2018. The event is jointly organized by the Government of Karnataka’s Department of Agriculture in association with the International Competence Centre for Organic Agriculture (ICCOA), to create a platform for domestic and international companies, to connect and offer opportunities in agriculture, horticulture, agri-technology, processing and marketing for farmers residing all over India.

The Organics & Millets Mela is a three-day event being held at the Palace Grounds that hosts a large exhibition, farmers workshop, conferences, consumer-connect meetings, etc. Event organisers are making an effort to enlighten consumers about the health benefits of millets and connect with organic farming community and farmers. Another major aspect of this trade event is to build awareness that millets require less amount of water to grow and can be grown even during droughts.

Highlighting the fact that Bengaluru has emerged as the capital for organics and millets, the Organics & Millets 2018 trade expo gives a boost to farmers by providing better ideas for farm productivity through the intersection of technology and agriculture, while ensuring better prices for farmers.
Date: 18.01.2018 |Source: Organics & Millets Mela

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