IWMI Invites RFPs for SoLAR Innovation Fund


The International Water Management Institute (IWMI) has invited request for proposals from innovative solar-powered projects for its Solar Irrigation for Agricultural Resilience (SoLAR) Innovation Fund. Supported by the Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation, the fund envisions a more sustainable future for agricultural activities in South Asia by ensuring minimal carbon emissions. IWMI aims to combat climate change with the help of solar irrigation, hence, the challenges of upscaling solar irrigation will be addressed by the creation of the SoLAR Innovation Fund to support the associated innovators.

The highlight of the Solar Irrigation for Agricultural Resilience project is to support the development of solar irrigation policies that are gender-inclusive, socially inclusive, and responsible use of groundwater resources. The project intends to provide improved livelihood outcomes for farmers and reduce the emission of black carbon and other short-lived climate pollutants from agriculture. These goals will lead to a more sustainable and climate-resilient agrarian culture in South Asia. The SoLAR Innovation Fund will support innovations that can be integrated into regular government programs with the backing of additional funding sources.

The key features of IWMI’s SoLAR Innovation Fund are as follows:

  • Establish a SoLAR Innovation Fund with a total value of CHF400,000. Through this fund, the Institute plans to support 8-10 innovations for the next 3 years.
  • Support innovations targeted at reducing barriers for adoption and use of solar irrigation pumps and provide livelihoods for small-scale, marginal, and women farmers.
  • Support innovations that encourage the sustainable use of groundwater resources when using solar-based irrigation with a geographic scope of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, and Pakistan.
Event name – Request for Proposals for SoLAR Innovation Fund
Last date – 30th June 2020
Fund value – CHF400,000
Industry domain – Renewable energy 
Contact – https://solar.iwmi.org/call-for-innovation-funds/



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