Idobro & SEED host round table on Innovations in Waste at RISE Summit 2017


Idobro Impact Solutions in partnership with SEED is organizing a round table on “Innovations in Waste” on the second day of the RISE Summit 2017 i.e., on 19 September 2017. The fifth edition of the RISE Summit is being held from 18th to 22nd September across the cities of Mumbai and Pune with the theme “Co-create Our World”.

Idobro instituted the RISE Summit in 2012 to bring together different stakeholders involved in social and environmental development through diversity, inclusion and sustainability initiatives. The RISE Summit 2017 is an open platform driven by shared values – Responsible, Inclusive, Sustainable and Eco-friendly. The 5-day summit focuses mainly on sustainability, diversity, inclusion, flexibility and relevance. All activities are participatory with no presentations or panels.

The round table will mainly cover:

  • Challenges faced by the sector in achieving long-term impact

  • The products, services and policies required to meet the challenges

  • The capabilities in doing the same

  • Innovations and collaboration

  • Way forward

The expert panel selected by Idobro and SEED includes Naresh Karmalkar, Sameer Unhale – (Swaach Maharashtra Mission, SEED Awards Jury), Seema Redkar (Tata Trust), Jyoti Palekar (STEP), Dr Ram Babu (TISS) and Debartha Banerjee (Sampurna Earth).

The registration to the summit is free, but it is necessary for participation and every session/activity needs separate registration.


Date: 17-09-2017 | Source: Rise Summit


  1. Just got the mail and would have loved to be a part and attend but we are in nagpur city and need to plan a day or two in advance,if we could get the mails a little in advance,shall be able to attend ?.Thank You


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