Hyderabad to host Indian Green Building Congress 2018


The Indian Green Building Congress 2018, India’s prestigious event for sustainable architecture is happening this year in Hyderabad from 31 October to 3 November 2018. This is 16th edition of Indian Green Building Council’s (IGBC) flagship event, which bring together various stakeholders of the construction industry for an international conference, workshops, trade exhibition and award programs.

IGBC has been organizing its Indian Green Building Congress since 2001, which has evoked excellent response from industry stakeholders. Architects, interior designers, builders, corporate companies and government agencies are expected to participate in the proceedings with an aim to make India a global leader in sustainably built environment by 2025. Further, there will be a large exhibition of green building products and technologies available in India.

Main highlights of Indian Green Building Congress 2018 are:
• International conference on green buildings
• Trade exhibition on green construction products and technologies
• Seminar on Green smart cities, affordable housing, green hospitals and schools
• Workshop on lighting simulation
Interested participants are invited to register for the event at the IGBC website
Date: 19.10.2018 | Source: IGBC

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