Bhoomi-Ka organizes talk show about Glyphosate in Delhi


Bhoomi-Ka, an advocacy organization striving for clean, green and fair food, is organizing a talk show by Santanu Mitra about chemicals in our food such as glyphosate. The talk show is being held at Gandhi Peace Foundation, Delhi on 10 May 2018.

Santanu Mitra has been fighting a major campaign in Canada, to detect the presence of Glyphosate in food items, a destructive chemical used as herbicide across the globe. Since Santanu Da is in India these days, Bhoomi Ka has taken this opportunity to invite all who are associated with the fight against chemicals in our food, to come and listen to his journey and the entire Glyphosate story.

In an effort to take up advocacy and build public opinion against use of Glyphosate, Bhoomi Ka is organizing this talk, where a mountain of largely unknown shocking facts will be revealed among the medical professionals, health activists and environmentalists.
Date: 08.05.2018 | Source: Bhoomi Ka


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