Bengaluru Celebrates Earth Day with Pride Run Marathon


Author – Shubha Lakshmi

On 21 April 2019, Chronic Foundation in association with Pride Run organised a marathon to celebrate the Earth Day in Cubbon Park, Bengaluru. Earth day celebrations build a platform to spread awareness about the sustainable environment, address climate change, and protect the Earth for future generations.

Around 300 runners participated in the 5-kilometer marathon, which was initiated and followed with slogans like – “Give up brown energy, catch up green energy”. The marathon was not a competition, instead, it was an awareness program to promote green energy and a healthy environment.

A few participants collected plastic waste during their run and contributed to cleaning the Cubbon Park. Team Robinhood Army also ran to promote food waste reduction and they collected the remaining extra food to be distributed to the needy.

The Pride Run Marathon was followed by a speech on pollution and its effects on wildlife by Jerry Martin, a renowned wildlife photographer. He says that plastics have piled up deep inside forests, and during his expedition, he witnessed a lot of dead wild animals. Ingestion of plastics was found to be the reason behind the deaths.

There was a talk on veganism and its benefits by the organisers. It was also promoted by providing buttermilk made from groundnuts. Veganism is a growing trend around the world which could reduce carbon footprint. The talk was followed by breakfast- where plastic cutleries were replaced by eco-friendly ones and reusable steel glasses. A variety of plant saplings were arranged for the participants sponsored by the forest department. Each of them received a sapling of their choice as a memento at the end.

Date: 23.04.2019 | Source: Pride Run


  1. That was the #Priderun Team organised from Chronic foundation to support #WorldEathDay celebration. #RunForGreenEnergy, the Globle Warming is a serious concern to all of us, we have started experiencing the effects o our climate. Green house gases rise the temperature on planet. Reason is Human caused activities.60% of gases emitted by the the fossil fuel which we burn for Electricity and Transportation, this need to be be addressed by switching to Green Energy, our campaign is “ Give up Brown Energy and catch up Green Energy “ also supported by Rotary and Forest department. Tree saplings also issued to all the participants

    • Thank you Ramesh for organising such a wonderfully educating event! we look forward to partner with you in all your future events


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