Anaadi Foundation invites youngsters for Sustainability Immersion Fellowship program


Anaadi Foundation, a socio-spiritual organization based in Tamilnadu, invites participants for a unique Sustainability Immersion Fellowship program that empowers young people with the principles of sustainability, knowledge, and skills to lead a self-reliant life. Organized in partnership with Bio Basics and VKNARDEP, this training program is scheduled to be held between 3 and 20 June 2018.

Anaadi’s Sustainability Immersion Fellowship program offers insights on Indian sustainability practices coupled with experiential and hands on sessions will deepen the commitment of the participants to sustainability and enable them to take initiatives, inspire others and be a champion for sustainable development. The main focus areas will be: psychology of sustainability, sustainable food & health, organic farming, clean energy, urban resilience, eco-architecture and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Further, participants will get opportunities to interact with experts in the areas of sustainable architecture, agriculture, energy businesses and get career guidance from successful organizations on creating farm-to-market solutions and products.
Date: 17.02.2018 | Source: Anaadi Foundation

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