Nispana’s 7th Conference on Sustainability in Design & Construction in Bengaluru


Eco News India 7th Conference on Sustainability in Design & Construction at Bengaluru

The seventh Conference on ‘Sustainability in Design and Construction India’ (SICI) is scheduled to be held on 2nd and 3rd of August 2016 in Bengaluru.

Organised by Nispana Innovative Platforms, the SICI 2016 event will be highlighting the regulatory and government policies regarding sustainability in construction and architectural design concepts at city level, hurdles and suggestions for further implementations towards reduction of climate change effects. The event will also address how to handle these sustainable buildings and cities.

Around 250 delegates are expected to attend the conference from both India and abroad. This conference aims to give a broader outlook on the architectural designs being created in India as well as on the construction infrastructure.

Introduced in 2010 by Nispana, the Sustainability in Design & Construction India event has become a strong platform for top-notch architects, construction companies, developers and consultants.



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