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Econirmitee - Solid Waste Recycling Solutions

Econirmitee is a company started by professionals from energy, environment and engineering sector for creating sustainable versions of development. We deliver scientific recycling solutions towards solid waste management by providing end to end services to our clients. Our services aims to contribute in minimizing negative impact from socio-environmental concern of solid waste management and leverage positive impact by rendering value out of waste to society.

We at Econirmitee position ourselves as an integrated solution provider for delivering services and innovative solutions in the field of waste management for both the Government and Private Sectors. Our products and services are envisioned to create sustainable value out of scientific waste recycling.

Building Construction & Demolition Waste Recycling
We help our clients from construction industry and government bodies to manage their debris and construction waste and scientifically transform it into another end product for reuse. We offer debris recycling service at construction sites. we utilize the recycled output to precast suitable aesthetically beautiful and durable street furniture, affordable housing building products along with biomimetic architecture designs.

Real Time Project Monitoring Services
We offer Project Management & Monitoring Services for construction projects and aid them to achieve quality with our monitoring and real time business intelligence systems. Real Time Monitoring System (RTMS) is a technology platform, where systems are automated to analyse and monitor the resources utilization to maximize the results through optimized project performance review at a real time. It provides an integrated tool which enhances data communication process and analyzes data for improvement in current business bottomline.

Sustainable Building Biomimetic Design
We design buildings that belong to nature and provide natural comfort, elegance and ecological living to the inhabitants. Our building design team helps clients to design and construct spaces of sustainability with different elements of renewable technology, natural ventilation and lighting system, integrated solid and liquid waste recycling, energy optimization devices, organic herbs farming and ancient architecture to suit local climate design.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Carbon Mapping We aid institutions and companies to structure their Corporate Social Responsibility activity linked with waste management and help them earn carbon credits for GRI G4 Sustainability Reporting & Green Building Certifications. We also map environment status and conduct environmental audits for construction sites, buildings, office and industry.

Solid Waste Recycling (Collection to Recycle)
We offer service that ranges from waste collection to scientific recycling by setting up suitable recycling plants for different kinds of waste at client locations. Currently we offer service to process organic, inorganic waste, landfill gas and specialized industrial waste. We also offer Material Recovery Facility as a Service for recycling/redeeming plastic, paper, glass and e waste components.

Floral (Nirmalya) Aroma Recycling
We help public institutions and projects with our customize technology solutions to manage their specific waste output and effectively utilize it for manufacturing recycled aroma and essence products. Currently we offer floral recycling technology along with market solutions to temple trust, aroma industries and flower markets.

Mumbai, #4070, Bhandup Industrial Estate, LBS Marg, Maharashtra, India 400078

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