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JAAGRUTI – Waste Paper Recycling Services in Delhi

JAAGRUTI Waste Paper Recycling Services

JAAGRUTI™ Waste Paper Recycling Services was started in December 2011 and extends its services in the field of Waste Paper Recycling to over 200+ institutions across various platforms in the Delhi NCR region.

Top Handmade Paper Producers across India

Author – Mansi Gupta There is a big debate out there on what exactly is eco-friendly… paper vs plastic, wood vs metal, etc. Paper is...

Recycled Paper Products

Over the past few decades, people are increasingly aware of the importance of environment care and resource conservation. “Brown is the new Green” is the mantra floating around. While many initiatives remain lip service, concrete positive action remained elusive. Here now lies a wonderful opportunity to act as well as sensitise many everyday - with the paper they use- We are proud to present “ethical paper”, one of the most eco-friendly paper, which is made by 100% recycling of waste paper as well as water. While many versions of recycled paper have made their appearance till date, issues of texture, thickness, printability and more importantly pricing made these avatars unviable and they remained an academic interest only. With ethical paper, we have addressed all these to make it almost replace your regular mainstream paper. 

Dynamic Outreach to host Global Conference on Recycling, Waste Management & Environment at Delhi

Dynamic Outreach Private Limited is organizing the first Global Conference & Awards, Exhibition on Recycling, Waste Management & Environment / Climate Change, EPR, Circular...

Recycled Ethical Paper

Recycled Ethical Paper is a vertical devoted to champion the usage of ethical paper, India’s no 1 branded recycled paper and making it a viable alternative to virgin pulp paper
Tomato & Co Process

Kritika Parwal Innovates Unique Plantable Paper

Kritika Parwal thought seriously about paper wastage and created a new innovation – Plantable Paper, which is capable of sprouting into plants when recycled

Indian Youngsters Innovate On Recycling Cigarette Butts

Cigarette butts can now be recycled in India. Naman Gupta and Vishal Kanet have formed a startup named CODE to recycle waste cigarette butts

Econirmitee – Solid Waste Recycling Solutions

Econirmitee is a green company offering innovative solutions in the field of waste management. Our products and services are envisioned to create sustainable value out of scientific waste recycling

Recycling Tyres: Untiring The Environment!

By recycling tyres, Paaduks and The Retyrement Plan are not only helping in reducing the carbon footprint, but are also addressing a socio-economic problem.
POM POM Recycling Pvt. Ltd.

POM POM Recycling Pvt. Ltd.

Pompom accepts nearly all kinds of recyclables with an aim of reducing the landfill, keeping the environment clean, conserving natural resources and saving energy. We collect and pay for recyclables right from your doorstep as per your convenience of time and location.