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If you're not happy with the results, please do another search is an exclusive online shop for eco-friendly and natural lifestyle products. GISKAA stands on 3 foundational pillars - Health, Environment and Social

Workshop-Q, Upcycler Home Decor Products

We started WorkshopQ in 2010 in Jaipur (and have now shifted half our operations to Mumbai) where we design and manufacture upcycled home accessories from waste and recycled materials.
Supra Builders

Supra Builders

Supra Builders are unconventional eco-friendly construction company who really care about Mother Earth. They offer Eco-friendly homes, use solar power, reduce water usage, etc., They try to save resources as much as possible which makes them stand apart from the crowd.

Pioneers of Rainwater Harvesting in India

With droughts occurring across India, water conservation has become a priority. Here are some of the pioneers who began rainwater harvesting few decades ago
Natural Dyeing in India

Growing Popularity of Natural Dyes in India

With synthetic dyes posing a threat to the human body and also to the environment, many Indian brands are shifting to the use of natural dyes.

Bamboo for Housing and Home furnishings

Bamboo building materials are slowly penetrating into modern homes. Here are India’s best organizations that are using bamboo for housing and home furnishing purposes

Sikkim Organic Mission Accomplished?

The accomplishments of a tiny state like Sikkim in implementing its Sikkim Organic Mission stand out as an inspiring example for other states to follow

Eco-Agri Research Foundation

Promotes the concept of Bio-dynamic farming and cow-based economy in harmony with nature to ensure rural development

Eco Green Unit

Eco Green Unit is a community-based development program established by Ecogreen Foundation in 1998 for women empowerment, environment awareness, organic farming sectors
Remya Jose - Mechanical Washing Machine

Innovative Pedal Power Machines

A few inventors in India have utilized pedal power to substitute electric power for human activities. Check out some of those innovative pedal power machines