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Solar Water Pumping System

Solar Powered Agricultural Tools in India

Solar powered agricultural tools such as pumps, tills, driers, etc. can be a viable alternative to agricultural machinery operating on fossil fuels like diesel.
solar cooker in India

Solar Cooking in India

Solar cooking in India has received steady support from the Indian government, non-profit organizations and several international organizations too. This has led to its increased adoption in various cities, communities and villages across India.
list of seed banks in india

Biodiversity Seed Banks in India

It is important to not only know about biodiversity and also to take action to conserve them for our future generation. Here comes the role of seed banks.
Jugaad innovation

Jugaad innovations by Indian farmers

Jugaad Innovation - Indian farmers need to be creative to find cost-effective innovations, since they have to deal with a severe lack of resources in remote areas.
eco friendly fashion brands in india

Eco-friendly Fashion With A Mission

Various Indian brands are becoming organic. Big labels like Fabindia, Hidesign Mother Earth are making a mark in the Indian market for eco-friendly fashion.
Bio pesticides in India

Bio Pesticides in India – A Safer Alternative

Bio pesticides are important ingredients of Integrated Pest Management packages due to their benefits in maintaining the natural diversity without using synthetic chemicals
documentary films slow poisoning of india

India’s Best Environmental Documentaries – Part 2

Film festivals, awards and events are regularly held to propagate the idea of Environmental Documentaries and making an appealing case. There are a few documentaries that have really created an impact on the raising public awareness in India. Here are some of them: