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Eco Ideaz

Green Innovations at IIT Campuses

The trend is changing with IITs in India becoming the hotbeds for path-breaking innovations. We showcase some of the best eco-friendly innovations at IIT campus

Can We Convert Plastic Waste to Petroleum?

Some innovators in India have come up with interesting ideas to convert plastic waste to petroleum to deal with the massive amounts of plastic waste generated

The Hunt for Better Battery Technology

A better battery technology needs to provide higher energy density and cycle durability than a lead acid battery. Here are some safer alternatives in India...

Concentrated Solar Thermal Power in India – Still in Infancy?

There are three main types of technologies used for concentrated solar power in India. Each of these CSP technologies have their own merits and demerits

Vertical Farming in India – Is this Hitech Idea Suitable for India?

Vertical farming, an ultra-modern way of urban agriculture could be the simple and eco-friendly innovation for meeting the food requirements of our future...
Rooftop kitchen garden India

Start a Refreshing Rooftop Kitchen Garden

Rooftop kitchen gardens can play a small yet significant role in safeguarding our environment, in addition to creating aesthetically pleasing interiors
Innovative Building Materials Rice Husk Ash brick

Innovative Green Building Materials in India

There are opportunities for innovative building materials to emerge due to the scarcity of traditional resources and the need for energy efficient construction.
Low Smoke Stove

Low Cost Stoves & Chulhas in India

There is an urgent need to switch to better low cost stoves (chulhas) that are smokeless, efficient, and affordable, which are eco-friendly as well.
large scale Biogas India

Is Large Scale Biogas Power in India Feasible?

City dwellers are yet to realize the immense business opportunity of utilizing municipal or industrial organic waste for large scale biogas power plants
mitticool fridge

Mitticool – Affordable Refrigeration

Mansukhlal Prajapati designed a cheap clay refrigerator that does not require electricity. Mitticool uses water’s ability to remove heat through evaporation.