Polythene and Plastic Items Banned at National Monument Sites


Author – Anusha Hariharan

Image – Pikabay

Swachh Bharat is indeed going Swachh Bharat. The Government declared that there will be a complete ban on the usage of polythene or plastic in and around national monuments and tourist locations. The ban shall be imposed on October 2, the birth day of Mahatma Gandhi, considered an auspicious occasion. Having the motto, ‘Cleanliness starts at home’ as the aim of the Department of Tourism for this initiative, the ministry stated that it would be much easier to implement at these areas as they will have security personnel who would take care that rules are followed.

The ban is applicable in an eco-sensitive zone within the 100m radius of national monuments. However, the plastic bottles would not be banned but the people will be told to dispose them in the recycle bins provided in the area.

PM Modi had initiated the Swachh Bharat Mission on October 2, 2014 with an aim to eradicate open defecation, manual scavenging and e-waste from electronics.

Souce: Times of India


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