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Eco Ideaz

V-Guard Solar

V-Guard Solar Panels generate energy from the moment the sun rises up. Solar Power systems i.e. setups made up of photovoltaic or PV modules, an inverter unit and battery

Suryatech Solar Systems

Suryatech Solar Systems caters a wide variety of products including Evacuated Tube Collector Solar Water Heaters, Flat Plate Collector Solar Water Heater, Solar Power Packs, Solar Street Lights, Solar Cooker, etc. Suryatech Solar Systems's manufacturing plant is equipped with latest machines. Our persistent efforts to embed the latest technology in engineering & manufacturing of products helps us to deliver products with high performance, compact size, accurate design, fine finishing & easy installation. We have control and testing facility as per the ISI standards which ensure high quality products.
Solar Water Pumping System

Solar Powered Agricultural Tools in India

Solar powered agricultural tools such as pumps, tills, driers, etc. can be a viable alternative to agricultural machinery operating on fossil fuels like diesel.
solar cooker in India

Solar Cooking in India

Solar cooking in India has received steady support from the Indian government, non-profit organizations and several international organizations too. This has led to its increased adoption in various cities, communities and villages across India.
Eco Ideaz

Go Green Ventures

Go Green Venture, is India’s leading company in India’s solar power sector. Established in 2003 we specialize in the design, engineering, supply, installation, commissioning,...
Solar cooker SECMOL

SECMOL – A School Students Would FAIL to Attend!

At SECMOL, the students learn how to live like a Ladakhi – meaning sustainable living. SECMOL’s Phey campus completely utilizes solar energy for all its needs

From Wind with Love – Low Cost Windmills in India

A few rural innovators in India have invented some creative low cost windmills to harness the energy of wind and customize it for their purposes.
Eco Ideaz

V-Guard Industries

Solar Power systems i.e. setups made up of photovoltaic or PV modules, an inverter unit and battery, do the job of directly converting sunlight...


Ecosphere offers you a versatile range of travel programs i.e., eco tourism and experiences that integrate the various facets of Spiti and offer the...
Low Smoke Stove

Low Cost Stoves & Chulhas in India

There is an urgent need to switch to better low cost stoves (chulhas) that are smokeless, efficient, and affordable, which are eco-friendly as well.