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Krya is Hair, Skin & Home care products based on Ayurvedic First Principles. 100% Herbs, 100% Honest We are Krya, We create Transformative, safe and environmentally sustainable skin, hair and home care products inspired by Ayurvedic science, Every product is made with reverence, respect & precision We made ours from 100% ethically sourced, wild-grown soapberries. And you could use ours in a washing machine. We made ours without any water. Plus you could directly reuse your wash water in your garden.Environmental Sustainability and reverence for soil, water and our planet is baked in by design into every part of our process. Our products are made from clean, whole, 100% raw herbs, grains clays and oils which are compostable, biodegradable and do not burden soil or water during manufacturing or use or after life. We carefully source indigenous, heritage or wild raw ingredients to conserve soil and biodiversity.

"Krya Botanicals Research & Manufacturing, Siruseri, Tamil Nadu, India 603103

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