What Green Innovations Can I Find in a Washing Machine?


Technology is constantly improving in every aspect of our lives, particularly a sea change can be observed in a range of household appliances with AI and the internet of things. There is a range of new features that are continuously added over time to give users the easiest and most cost-effective experience possible.

When it comes to appliances like washing machines this technological innovation has been coupled with several environmental benefits too. As more people become aware of the human environmental impact due to rising energy consumption especially from fossil fuels, there is a drastic shift in the consumer’s buying behaviour. So let’s check out the latest green innovations in a washing machine, and how do they benefit both the user and also the planet.

Quick Wash Settings

When you have very few items of clothes to wash that aren’t that dirty, it always feels like a waste of water and electricity when you have to put them into a relatively empty drum and have the full cycle going on to wash only a few pieces. However, new washing machines have a quick-wash setting that allows you to rapidly clean your clothes. This can come in handy when you require an item or two on the same day, and it’s also good for delicate dress material too.

There are also additional environmental benefits to using the quick wash setting. Obviously less electricity is needed to run the appliance, and further, using it for less time will also extend the life of your appliance. This means you can extend the life of your washing machine and don’t have to buy a new one, which saves on the resources that creating a new washing machine.

Washing Load Detection

‘Automatic load detection’ is a key feature that you can find on an increasing number of new washing machines – and even washer dryers and tumble dryers. This is when the machine itself knows the weight of the laundry pile you’ve just added to the machine, allowing it to calculate exactly how much water your washing cycle will require, no matter what setting you have it as.

This is quite useful especially when it comes to reducing wastage, as the volume of water that’s used can be reduced automatically, and if you regularly have smaller loads this can significantly reduce your water usage.

Reducing water and minimizing waste has its obvious environmental benefits, and it also has the added benefit of allowing you to save money on your water bills. Commonly, reducing down your consumption for environmental reasons will have a positive impact on your bills, and it also works the other way around too.

Eco Drives

The drives and motors that are used to power the washing machine and spin the drum continue to get more and more energy-efficient. These green innovations in a washing machine ensure that they use up less energy than the older models, and are a huge contributor to the overall energy efficiency of the washing machine as a whole. In turn, these eco drives will also have a bearing on the energy rating a washing machine will get.

There is also an additional benefit that comes with modern drives, which is that they’re much quieter than their older counterparts. While this may not have too much of a benefit to the environment (apart from slightly reducing down a bit of noise pollution), it has a significant user benefit, which is a further reason for people to purchase a washing machine that features one of these eco-silence drives.

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