6 eco-friendly yoga companies in India you should know about


The environment around us is clearly in danger. Many of us practice Yoga to stay calm and healthy in this polluting atmosphere. Unfortunately, most health-conscious consumers aren’t aware of the PVC yoga mat they just purchased was manufactured with petroleum products that are harmful to both them and the environment. 

Why choose an eco-friendly brand? 

Choosing an eco-friendly brand and purchasing yoga products from them is a way of voting with your wallet. And the more you choose eco-friendly products, the more manufacturers will start making them. 

Yoga related products can be made from cheap materials such as Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) or they can be made from higher-quality, sustainable materials like natural rubber. The majority of yoga mats are made from PVC, whose manufacturing process is not only harmful to the environment, but they are also not biodegradable. This causes an enormous pile-up in landfills that never goes away and further pollutes the planet. 

By choosing an eco-friendly brand, you can reduce your carbon footprint and do your part for the environment, ensuring our world remains beautiful for future generations.

6 eco-friendly yoga companies in India

Here are six eco-friendly yoga companies in India that produce yoga mats and other yoga products that are sustainably made and don’t pile up in landfills. Several of them even donate money or plant a tree every time you buy a product which makes them amazing companies to support!

JURU Yoga 

JURU yoga is an Indian brand that absolutely does an excellent job of producing authentic yoga mats that are both body and environmentally friendly. They utilize sustainably harvested cork for their products, which means your mat will be naturally antimicrobial. In addition, these yoga mats don’t chip or tear even after heavy use. 

Cork also does a great job of absorbing sweat and increasing grippyness with heat. This means JURU’s yoga mats work equally well in hot and cool ambiance. If you’re someone who does need a little extra grip though, JURU also makes an organic anti-slip cotton mat that you can use. One of our favorite JURU yoga mats is the 7 Chakra Print cork yoga mat that’s built with quality and style in mind. 


Manduka is the industry leader for eco-friendly yoga products, which has set the bar for quality. Their entire line of products are built from the ground up, focusing everything on sustainability. This includes their zero waste manufacturing process, which uses no harmful plasticizers, dyes, or chemicals that could be toxic to the environment. 

In short, each one of Mandukas yoga products is created with the earth in mind. Another policy they have is that, when you receive your new yoga mat, they give you a prepaid shipping label to send back your old one – which they recycle and reuse for you. All in all, Manduka is an excellent brand not just because of its top-shelf products, but also their earth-friendly mission.

Jade Yoga 

Jade Yoga is another solid contender, who produce yoga mats from natural rubber that has been sustainably harvested. Their yoga mats are used by the most serious yogis around the country and they’re well known for their quality. 

The company is run by a former attorney for the US Environmental Protection Agency to give you an idea of how environment focused they are. They also plant a tree for every yoga product they sell, make all of their products in the US, and regularly donate money to environmental causes. However, this wouldn’t necessarily matter if they produced low-quality products right? Rest assured that Jade yoga mats are some of the best and, while they maybe a little expensive, they stand the test of time. 


Yoloha is an emerging brand among dedicated yogis but you may not have heard of them yet. They focus on creating cork yoga mats with the bottoms being made from recycled rubber tires. The natural cork is both absorbent, grippy, and antimicrobial providing an exceptional experience when using it even in hot yoga. 

The rubber bottom keeps your yoga mat in place regardless of the surface you’re practicing on. And since the bottom is made from recycled rubber tires, you don’t get that same rubbery smell like you do with other natural rubber yoga mats. 

Their mats are handmade by a small in-house team in their US-based production house. The natural cork they use doesn’t require trees to be cut down and the entire process is zero waste. Even the dust from the cork is used as fuel, which is pretty amazing. They also have a variety of designs so it’s worth checking them out for your next quality yoga mat. 

Hugger Mugger 

Hugger Mugger is an underground brand that serious yogis know about but they haven’t quite hit the mainstream. Their products are made from a variety of materials including biodegradable TPE, cork, bamboo, natural rubber, plant-based oils, and other eco-friendly materials. The company was founded way back in 1986 with a mission to provide consistently high products with excellent customer service and they have succeeded. 

Most people who try Hugger Mugger products continue using them for a long time. Their mats provide excellent grip, last for a long time, and come in a wide variety of styles. In addition to yoga mats, they make clothing, bolsters, bags, yoga wheels, and more so you can be decked out in Hugger Mugger material if desired. They also donate to a number of environmentally friendly causes each year which helps to clean up the planet. Overall, they’re a great eco-friendly brand that’s worth checking out. 


If you haven’t heard of Proyog, you should definitely check them out. They offer a whole host of yoga materials from super sick clothes to mats and accessories. They’re an Indian brand who take pride in designing authentic yoga wear, made in India. 

They make clothing for both men and women, don’t use plastics in their materials, and make very awesome jute yoga mats. If you’re in the mood for a grassroots yoga company that does things right, you should know about Proyog and definitely check out their products. 

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  1. Hi! Thank you for the enlightening article, these are really great substitutes to the typical PVC yoga mat that everyone should simply avoid.

  2. I checked them out and i think your article is slightly misleading since a lot of these products are not Made in India

  3. Yoga and meditation are such exercise that does not have any age restrictions. Practicing Yoga reflects positive changes in your life. You feel more peaceful, content, active and full of energy.

  4. Nice Content, We also prove skin-friendly material for your every day yoga session. Buy Yoga Wear For Men

  5. Sorry but these aren’t authentic Indian-made mats! Try Abhinehkrafts!!! They are legit! Really beautiful, completely natural mats, and they are made right in the heart of yoga country for the most unique and special yoga practice. I’ll never go back to the larger, more commercial mats!


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