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E-rickshaws in India

E-rickshaws in India – from ban to boon?

Electric rickshaws or E-rickshaws in India are emerging from a ban to offer an eco-friendly and silent transport alternative to polluting autorickshaws...
Ashudhinashak Clay Incinerators for Sanitary Napkins

Ashudhinashak Clay Incinerators for Sanitary Napkins

Clay incinerators innovated by Swati Bedekar are eco-friendly and cheap, and hence are being installed in schools, hospitals, and homes.

Vertical Farming in India – Is this Hitech Idea Suitable for India?

Vertical farming, an ultra-modern way of urban agriculture could be the simple and eco-friendly innovation for meeting the food requirements of our future...
Rooftop kitchen garden India

Start a Refreshing Rooftop Kitchen Garden

Rooftop kitchen gardens can play a small yet significant role in safeguarding our environment, in addition to creating aesthetically pleasing interiors
Remya Jose - Mechanical Washing Machine

Innovative Pedal Power Machines

A few inventors in India have utilized pedal power to substitute electric power for human activities. Check out some of those innovative pedal power machines
Haathi Chaap - Poo Paper

Haathi Chaap – Elephant Poo Paper

An inspired Mahima Mehra launched her entrepreneurial venture ‘Haathi Chaap’, to produce elephant poo paper, which is eco-friendly and recyclable...
Innovative Building Materials Rice Husk Ash brick

Innovative Green Building Materials in India

There are opportunities for innovative building materials to emerge due to the scarcity of traditional resources and the need for energy efficient construction.
natural fibers India - Banana

Natural Fibers in India

A wide variety of natural fibers are used in traditional handloom/textiles. Over the last few years, with the “go green” and “organic”
Low Smoke Stove

Low Cost Stoves & Chulhas in India

There is an urgent need to switch to better low cost stoves (chulhas) that are smokeless, efficient, and affordable, which are eco-friendly as well.
Sustainable dairy farming in India

Dairy Farming in India: A sustainable path

Sustainable dairy farming in India is a new concept that prophesies the proper and efficient usage of the resources, without being over-exploitative.