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Solar Powered Air Conditioning in India

Solar Powered Air Conditioning in India

There are some inspiringly simple technologies on offer in solar powered air conditioning. These eco-friendly air conditioning systems offers a reduction in carbon emissions as well.
Egg Incubator

Swapnil Kakote’s Eggubator – Electricity-Free Egg Incubator

Armed with a sparklingly innovative green idea, Swapnil Kakote from has come to the rescue of poultry farmers with his Electricity-Free Egg Incubator (EFEI) or ‘Eggubator’.
led lamps India Review

LED Lamps in India – Product Review

LED lamps are slowly evolving to capture the Indian market and soon they will become dominant. We have reviewed a few Indian LED manufacturing companies.
environmentally friendly companies

List of eco-friendly companies in India

Ecoideaz aims to build a comprehensive portfolio of all eco-friendly ideas developed in India, as well as showcase India-based eco-friendly companies in India.
Odanthurai powers

Inspiring self-powered village – Odanthurai

Self-powered Odanthurai has set an example by producing its own green power for its needs.
biological wastewater treatment-lead

What is a Root Zone Waste Water Treatment?

The Root Zone Waste Water Treatment system takes into account the natural slope of the ground, so that water flows from one device to another without any external energy input such as motor pump.

Electric Bikes on Indian Roads

With rising environmental threats and fuel price hike, one can opt for electric bikes in India. Today, various automotive companies offer many brands of e-bikes in the Indian market

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