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Jugaad innovation

Jugaad innovations by Indian farmers

Jugaad Innovation - Indian farmers need to be creative to find cost-effective innovations, since they have to deal with a severe lack of resources in remote areas.

Low Cost Water Filtering Ideas in India

Fortunately, there are some low cost water filtering Ideas that improve the water quality drastically.

Can BioPlastics flourish in India?

Bioplastics are bio-degradable material, derived from renewable feedstocks, that can be composted into the soil and also contribute to Indian rural economy.
eco friendly fashion brands in india

Eco-friendly Fashion With A Mission

Various Indian brands are becoming organic. Big labels like Fabindia, Hidesign Mother Earth are making a mark in the Indian market for eco-friendly fashion.
Bio pesticides in India

Bio Pesticides in India – A Safer Alternative

Bio pesticides are important ingredients of Integrated Pest Management packages due to their benefits in maintaining the natural diversity without using synthetic chemicals
biological wastewater treatment-lead

What is a Root Zone Waste Water Treatment?

The Root Zone Waste Water Treatment system takes into account the natural slope of the ground, so that water flows from one device to another without any external energy input such as motor pump.
Energy efficient office

Guide for an Energy Efficient Office

Many of us wonder if energy efficient offices are really economically feasible and actually make a difference in the long run. Companies that are interested in increasing the energy efficiency of their offices can seek assistance from professional agencies to conduct an energy audit.